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Which USB Drive is right for you and your organisation?

In this blog series we have discussed the benefits of giving personalised USB drives to staff, students, or to visitors of trade fairs as promotional tools. In today’s article we will be talking all about style – How to make the perfect choice for your organisation. We’ll cover many the many options available to you […]

Top Ten Tips When Purchasing A Promotional USB Memory Stick

As the promotional items market is flooded with branded USB memory drives, choosing the right product for you and your business has become a tedious task. In this article we will look at ten most important aspects anyone should consider before an order is issued, before the purchase of promotional USB sticks. The flash memory […]

Smart Buying Tips for USB Memory Sticks

In a very short period of time USB memory sticks and flash drives have virtually replaced CDs as the preferred backup device. The advantages are too hard to ignore – more storage space, smaller size and they’re virtually indestructible. Memory is key When we talk about the memory, we’re not talking about the size of […]

Top Ten Tips On Buying Promotional USB’s

USB flash drives (sticks) are quite simply the most versatile and memorable item in the promotional gifts marketplace today. They allow you to pre-load information, giving the user quick and easy access to your latest catalogue or marketing campaign. I’d like to see a pen or mug do that… But, what should you be looking […]

Price VS Quality in USB Purchase

Why we’re not always the cheapest Clients have come to us in the past with quotes from other companies, asking us if we really are the best choice, why it is we’re not always the cheapest? There are factories out there that cut corners in order to bring down the unit cost. The following is […]

Buying the right USB Flash Drive

Like ice cream at Baskin Robbins, USB flash drives come in an endless array of flavors these days. And while the package it’s wrapped in is important from a comfort, convenience and fashion standpoint, there are some other factors that should be swaying your purchasing decisions. Consumers snatch up some 150 million flash drives every […]

The Franken Flash Project- Creating Awareness And Fighting Against Counterfeits

As a customer you would never want to be fooled of your money, what’s more why should your precious data be at risk? Buying a flash drive that is a fake could cost you your money and your information security as well. We at USB Company would like to make you aware of the Franken […]

How fast is your Promotional USB’s?

So, you have your nice new shiny USB Stick. The print looks good, it’s well built, and you’re ready to go. Then the phone rings. That new USB stick you’ve got, could you put a few files on it and bring it round later? This is often where true quality shines through. We recently obtained […]

ECO USBs, Saving our Planet one Tree at a time.

Did you know that major retailers (such as Ikea or Argos) regularly use over one hundred thousand tons of paper every year on marketing tools, such as catalogues and promotional flyers? Or that around 4.5 billion trees are cut down every single year, just for the production of paper? Or that the paper industry is […]

USB Preload, Erasable, Locked or Autorun?

. Our Promotional USB sticks can be preloaded with your choice of content i.e. Software program, catalogues, power point presentation, flash presentation and pop-up websites. 1. Standard Preload- We copy your content to your promotional USB drives and users can access it at their will and can also delete the files if they don’t want […]