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Evolution of USB Drives: A Journey Through Technological Advancements

  August 21, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, few devices have made such a significant impact on our daily lives as the USB drive. From its humble beginnings to its current state of sleek, portable efficiency, the USB drive has undergone a remarkable transformation over the years. The Birth of Convenience: Early Days (2000s) The first USB […]

The future of USB Drives

  March 28, 2023

  USB drives, also known as flash drives or thumb drives, have become an essential tool for data storage and transfer in the digital age. These small, portable devices have revolutionized the way we store and share information, making them an excellent promotional gift for businesses and organizations. Looking ahead, the future of USB drives […]

Product Showcase: 1200 mAh Power bank

  February 22, 2023

Powerbanks are increasingly becoming popular as promotional gifts due to their practicality and usefulness. They offer a large area for branding, making them an effective promotional tool. Promotional powerbanks can be imprinted with a company logo, slogan, or message, which can help increase brand exposure. Also, powerbanks are generally considered to be high-value items, and […]

Product Showcase: USB Twister

  February 14, 2023

With our bestselling Twister USB flash drive, all stored files are at arm’s reach. It is also the perfect item to increase brand awareness in a subtly way. The plastic flash drive has a 360-degree rotating aluminium body, allowing for easy opening and closing of the USB flash drive and preventing dirt from getting into […]

What is a Flash Drive and How Does It Work

  July 4, 2022

Although flash drives are made in numerous formats, today’s most common type is the USB flash drive. They are highly convenient portable computer data storage devices, typically no larger than a thumb. Their ability to save large quantities of data locally makes them perfect for numerous applications – from local storage to backups. Although USB […]

A Pokket Mouse that goes Everywhere with You

  December 21, 2009
A Pokket Mouse that goes Everywhere with You

Computers continue to get smaller. New ideas like netbooks continue to redefine modern computing. Unfortunately, the computer mouse hasn’t always kept up with this revolution, and most full featured mice are too big and bulky to cart around. Early attempts at creating a portable mouse relied on making an existing design smaller. Unfortunately, these mini […]

The Perfect Stocking Filler from USB Company

  November 3, 2008
The Perfect Stocking Filler from USB Company

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re all looking for those perfect gifts. Here at USB Company, we feel we may just have the answer. A stunning blend of tradition and gadgetry, the Incenti Pen USB combines the usefulness of a ballpoint pen, something everyone keeps a few of on their desk, with a high […]