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USB Preload, Erasable, Locked or Autorun?

  May 26, 2008
USB Preload, Erasable, Locked or Autorun?

. Our Promotional USB sticks can be preloaded with your choice of content i.e. Software program, catalogues, power point presentation, flash presentation and pop-up websites. 1. Standard Preload– We copy your content to your promotional USB drives and users can access it at their will and can also delete the files if they don’t want […]

Laundry proof USB’s

  April 9, 2008
Laundry proof USB's

We just had a call from one of our customers who by mistake have given one of our branded usbs for a tumble in his washing machine. Gladly he could inform us that the USB is still working and the logo is still as new(just cleaner). Although this is not something we reccommend it proofs […]