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  December 30, 2013

Choosing the Right USB Stick – All the Data You Can Carry Anywhere

usb flash design

The USB technology has evolved quite rapidly and it has provided us a revolutionary way to transport digital data, to share it and to store it. Today, we can store all our work into a tiny USB flash drive, small enough to fit in our pockets or wallets, resulting in an extremely convenient way to carry our digital data. But, in fact, most people don not use their own USB memory drive, no matter the industry they are part of or their role in a company or in the economy. They actually use branded USB memory drives, gifted at certain events or by their employer.

When you decide to pick a branded USB flash drive for your marketing and advertising events, keep in mind that the aesthetics is an important aspect. While many companies opt for a rugged and durable design, what they overlook is that a colourful and funny design, like the USB Bespoke, can make the difference between a giveaways and a throwaway.

Bespoke usb flash drive

But what gives the USB flash drive its usefulness is memory capacity of these amazing promotional tools and it is very important to the receiver. On the market, you can find a wide range of sizes, from 64MB to 16GB and much more.  You can even opt for a huge 256GB, but it may be a little too much for the average consumer, plus, the price will not fit all the budgets. You just have to know your targeted market segment and decide what memory capacity will suit their needs better, a memory size that you can also afford, of course.
Apart from the documents they need for their work or studies, people also use their USB flash drive to carry music, pictures and movies. And these files can cover quite some size in the storage device. So, a size that may be worth investing is somewhere around 8GB. Also, at this size, you should consider the quality of your products, as the transfer speed should not make your potential customers wait hours and hours to get their files onto their new branded digital storage devices.

So consider that the memory capacity and the speed of the branded USB flash drives strongly depend on the purpose you want them for. Naturally, the cost of the products will go up or down along with these factors.