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Cross platform data encryption

For enterprises and home users, encryption is essential for securing data. EasyLock is designed to provide high security for all your data and it is very easy to use. Being a cross platform solution, EasyLock can secure your files on a local HDD folder, on a USB device, Dropbox, iCloud or it can be burned to CDs and DVDs. The software creates an encrypted area on your preferred location and it is perfect for those that need security on their private files or confidential data. The files can be protected with a password that uses military strength encryption AES-256 bits CBC-mode. With EasyLock you can keep your files shared on cloud and eliminate the threat in case of damaging your USB flash drive or portable HDD. EasyLock works for Windows, Mac and Linux to ensure secured data.



USB Encryption

For Windows, Mac, Linux

EasyLock creates an encrypted area with your data on your USB stick and secures it in case of theft or loss.


CDs & DVDs Encryption

For optical drives

Burn encrypted data directly on CDs or DVDs. This is an efficient and easy way to secure your data with a low cost portable media.


Local Folder Encryption

For Windows, Mac, Linux

EasyLock can protect your confidential data on your PC with a AES 256 bits military encryption algorithm.


Cloud Encryption

For cloud storage

Easily store and share your data that is password protected and encrypted. You can use EasyLock for for Dropbox, iCloud or Ubuntu One.

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EasyLock offers powerful security and an easy to use interface, this is all you need to keep your private files safe while it is stored on a portable device. No admin rights, fully portable and AES 256 bits military encryption.

EasyLock is intuitive: just drag & drop or copy / paste your data without any hassle. Get your data stored safely with EasyLock that offers a convenient safely encryption solution.


Transport your data safely with EasyLock.

Password retries keeps your data is protected against hackers. If someone get your device in their hands, after entering a wrong password, the encrypted data will be safely erased.

On the fly crypt/decrypt your data / TrustedDevice

With EasyLock data is encrypted and decrypted on the fly. EasyLock integrates also for enforced encryption with Endpoint Protector.


Endpoint Protector is a powerful Data Loss Prevention solution (DLP)/Data Leakage Prevention for fixed endpoints and mobile devices, which provides advanced security and protection against theft of data along with providing proactive solutions to automatically enforce encryption for data in transit based on our TrustedDevices technology.



Reliable security design

EasyLock is designed for safety and build with strong security techniques ready to match your company grade requirements.


EasyLock For Windows, Mac and Linux

EasyLock is a powerful cross platform encryption solution that works for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and runs on any removable storage device.


Enforced Encryption

EasyLock easily integrates with our data leakage prevention application Endpoint Protector 4 by supporting the TrustedDevice technology. EasyLock controls the USB flash drives and other portable devices while enforcing encryption of data in transit.


Military Strength Data Encryption

EasyLock engine provides government- approved 256bit AES CBC-mode encryption used in military and government that makes your data perfectly secure.


Strong security mechanisms

Password protection and anti tampering techniques to ensure application integrity.


Intuitive Drag & Drop Interface

EasyLock makes your portable data easy to use by just dragging and dropping the files.


Keep your data while on the go

Wherever you go, you can carry your important files and data with you, safely and secured.


Regulatory Compliance

For enterprise, business and governmental use where data encryption is an essential requirement for regulatory compliance, EasyLock offers the right protection for all data stored on portable devices.