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  January 27, 2009

The Franken Flash Project- Creating Awareness And Fighting Against Counterfeits


As a customer you would never want to be fooled of your money, what’s more why should your precious data be at risk? Buying a flash drive that is a fake could cost you your money and your information security as well.

We at USB Company would like to make you aware of the Franken Flash Project. This project works towards ensuring that you as a customer are protected against fake sellers and their harmful products. Please visit www.sosfakeflash.wordpress.com for further useful information on how you can stay away from counterfeits.

We firmly believe you data security is all important and while there are people out there who are waiting to cheat you of your money and would not care a penny about letting you buy recycled flash drives or flash drives made of poor quality material which are cheaper but not as secure and prone to memory corruption/loss.

We at USB Company ensure you get the best quality flash drives made of genuine memory chips with the flash chip manufacturer’s name and serial number printed on it. These flash drives may work out to be costlier but you can rest assured that quality is a priority. Neither do we use recycled flash drives that are cheaper and may have manufacturer names falsely printed into them.