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  May 26, 2008

USB Preload, Erasable, Locked or Autorun?



Our Promotional USB sticks can be preloaded with your choice of content i.e. Software program, catalogues, power point presentation, flash presentation and pop-up websites.

1. Standard Preload– We copy your content to your promotional USB drives and users can access it at their will and can also delete the files if they don’t want them.

Pros: Non Intrusive, Higher retention value thus more exposure of your logo.

Cons: Data can easily be deleted by user.

2. Non-Erasable content

To ensure the effectiveness of your campaign we can protect your preloaded content from being deleted. The computer will recognise the locked data as a CD ROM which the user can not delete or amend in any way. The erasable part of the usb stick will appear as normal and can be used to transfer and store files as a normal usb memory stick.

Pros: Continuous exposure and data retention.

Cons: Users can not delete data to free up space on the Branded USB

3. Non-Erasable Autorun

As soon as the USB stick is inserted it will launch a presentation. This could be a website pop up or flash presentation or any other file that can be autorun in Windows. This is our most direct option and will suit a new product launch or other events where the user have less knowledge about your product or service.

Pros: Maximum exposure

Cons: Less retention value, Intrusive.


Generally we would recommend to preload your USB Stick with the standard preload or the Non Erasable Option. Assuming your target audience already know your brand and have an interest in your product or service.

Important Notice:

Non Erasable and Auto run Preload will only work seamlessly with Windows based computers(Windows 98 and Newer)

Standard Prelaod will work across all platforms and is recommended if your target audience use other platforms than Windows.