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  December 21, 2009

A Pokket Mouse that goes Everywhere with You


Computers continue to get smaller. New ideas like netbooks continue to redefine modern computing. Unfortunately, the computer mouse hasn’t always kept up with this revolution, and most full featured mice are too big and bulky to cart around.

Early attempts at creating a portable mouse relied on making an existing design smaller. Unfortunately, these mini mice didn’t fit well into the hand and the buttons felt cramped. Worse, they didn’t always track well, causing the cursor to jerk across the screen.

The new generation of pokket mice are much more ergonomic. More important, they are small enough to fit in your pocket yet deliver a full sized mouse experience.

The secret is the shape. Instead of making a mouse designed to fit in your palm smaller, these new pocket mice are thin and rectangular, providing you with a tremendous amount of precision, and most important, comfort.

The Pokket Mouse USBĀ from USB Company is a good example of thoughtful design combined with great features. The mouse uses an optical tracking system so you don’t have to worry about the surface you’re working on. The optical system is extremely accurate. It is also low maintenance since you don’t have to keep it squeaky clean like the old roller mice.

It’s also extremely portable. Measuring just 13 x 50 x 84 mm, the Pokket Mouse fits easily into a shirt or pants pocket. A travel pouch is included to help keep the electronics clean. It’s not really necessary, but it is a nice touch.

For those wanting to make a powerful presence with their promotional and branding efforts, the Pokket Mouse is a perfect choice. The mouse comes in your choice of blue, white, black and red. For added impact, your logo lights up with a simple touch of the mouse so your marketing message is always visible, even in a darkened aircraft cabin.

Don’t be put off by its small size. The Pokket Mouse is full featured and a delight to use. It can go anywhere your laptop or netbook goes and will always offer dependable and precise tracking and clicking, so you can enjoy your computing experience without having to work on a trackpad all the time. As anyone knows, trackpads look like a cool innovation, but if you’re used to working with a mouse day in and day out, a trackpad can feel alien and greatly reduce your productivity.
If you’re looking for a high value, high impact promotional item for your next event or campaign, consider the Pokket Mouse.