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  September 14, 2015

A Modern Way to Promote Your Business

To promote their products or services, companies are carefully analyzing promotional items and solutions to uses in their advertising and marketing strategies. Only the most effective tools are chosen, the ones that have the ability to bring them more clients, as this is a vital aspect for any enterprise. And since the vast majority of people are using a personal computer, laptop, notebook or other technological gadgets, the branded USB flash drives provided one of the much needed solutions in the promotional market segment.

Branded USB sticks

To be honest, the most important aspect which attracts businesses to use the branded USB sticks, is their price and what companies get in return for promoting their products or services with them. The classic way of advertising or marketing, using brochures, flyers or other printed materials is pretty obsolete, mainly because the potential clients are tired of these promotional materials and they have no real use for them, being disposed of after they are partially read, in the best case scenario. So, all the work, effort, time and funds invested in this method of advertising are wasted, they go right into the trash bin in just a minute or less.

Promotional USB memory drives

Imprinted Promotional USB Flash DrivesThe promotional USB memory drives are making your clients feel that something useful is offered to them, something valuable. And even thou some of your potential customers dispose of the promotional materials inside the USB stick, after the content is read, only because of curiosity, the product will still carry your brand or your company name on it and with every usage, your business’ exposure will increase. On the other hand, the content on the USB flash drives can be protected from deletion, especially if it does not occupy too much of the digital data storage space. You can include images of your products, sales sheets, various product descriptions or contact information, but do it in a way that will not diminish the usage value of your promotional giveaway. This is given mostly by the storage space, mentioned before. By taking this into consideration, your potential customers will not neglect your giveaway, giving you brand publicity and in the end, you will have a lot of walking billboards marketing your company for no extra cost.

Standard branded USB flash drives

While standard branded USB flash drives are achieving people recognition for your business, but only if they look from a close distance, custom made promotional USB memory drives will not achieve only that, but will endorse your enterprise by making your potential clients and the people they enter in contact with, to wander what is company all about, will become a point of interest, a subject of discussion. When people will see your brand, you will have a great deal of enquiry about your business, your products or your services. And this will happen sooner or later for sure.

So if you are searching for a special way to advertise your company or a special product to support your marketing campaign, then promotional USB flash drives can help you comply with the craze. They are the effective tools that will support your endeavours.

You may know this or not, but branded USB flash drives are used as promotional items not only by companies or corporate businesses, but also by schools, universities and other learning institutes. As a new busy school year starts, we recommend you three of the most popular models of memory drives. These items were selected because of the sales volume, the market segment of the individuals or entities that purchases them and based on statistical data on how students and teachers find them.

The USB Twister, and its similar versions is the bestseller by far. It has a tiny but robust capless design and since its appearance on the market, it was an instant hit. It was extremely appreciated by people who needed to focus on their work, not on the cap of their USB flash drive. The USB Twister is and it was the best item to satisfy this need, because it does its job perfectly, it keeps his cap handy as well as work or personal digital data. Because it has a large colour range, actually any colour the customer wants, the hard impact rubber body can be pantone matched, and it is brushed aluminium cap can be branded with any logo or message. This can be performed with screen printing or resin dome printing, which will make it look great, or by engraving. The USB Twister also comes with a keyring attachment and a lanyard, making sure that digital data will always be close to its owner.

Another very popular flash drive is the USB Wristband. It is the perfect gift for last year students, leaving the learning institution, or as a reward for certain accomplishments, but not only. They look cool and funny, but in the same time, they are a functional and lightweight promotional item. The best way to brand this product is with screen printing and can be pantone matched to any colour. The USB Wristband can be worn during any sport or entertaining activity since it wraps comfortably around the users wrist, keeping data safe and easily accessible.

The last product we want to talk about is the Flash Yard USB. Also known as lanyard USB, this extremely portable flash drive is the perfect combination between a USB stick and a lanyard. It offers a large area to brand with a logo or different messages and using screen printing it will look amazing. It is a very popular product for active people, so it may be the one of the best choices if purchased by schools and universities for their students. The USB Flash Yard also comes with a safety release clip that ensures the user will not get hurt if the lanyard gets caught into something.


If you buy prpantone matched memory sticksomotional USB memory drives for your marketing activities, advertising events or just as gifts at a fair, conference, seminar or a show, get their cases pantone matched. It is a quite simple and effective way to make you giveaways look good. All you have to do is to choose one the colours of your logo or business theme and order the outer shell of the USB flash drives to be produced in this colour.

Even thou imprinting your logo, brand name or any other message on your standard coloured promotional USB flash drives may look nice, when you use pantone matching the bar raises, it shows that you put effort into the job and your customers will appreciate them even more. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the costs of the pantone matching. Today, mainly because the competition between factories is quite high, most of the promotional USB thumb drives, can come in any colour you choose, without extra costs. No more high minimum order quantities, no more hefty set up fees.

Also, your supplier’s design team should be able to create a preview of how your promotional product will look like with your colour pantone matched, so you don’t have to worry that it won’t look good or to be something you go blindly with. If you don’t like it, just change the colour until you find the perfect one for the backbone of your advertising or marketing campaign.

But make sure you take lead times into consideration. Actually no, don’t. Now, purchasing standard branded USB flash drives or pantone matched USB flash drives should have the same lead times. Just allow the usual 14 days from order to delivery, but if you are really in a hurry and also depending on the item you have chosen, your supplier could make this lead time a little shorter.

The USB packaging is something to take into consideration if you think about pantone matched USB memory drives. A really good impact when distributed will have a combination of an imprinted or branded presentation tin with a pantone matched USB flash drive, and the whole package will look fantastic. It will create the “wow” factor, so much needed and wanted in every marketing or advertising campaign. It will make your investment worthwhile.

Any company or business wants their customers or partners to remember, cherish and, of course, use their promotional branded USB sticks, because their brand is associated with them, associated with these positive thoughts.

leather USB memory stick

Since prehistoric times, leather was used as material for clothing, sometimes shelter, for liquid containers, saddles and later for armour or boats. But it did not end there, as leather was also used to decorate or trim weapons. These were not the only uses of the leather, but we don’t want to give you its history, we would rather tell you about our USB Leather products.

The leather was considered a very basic and rustic material in the past, but now, on the contrary, it has become a material associated with luxury and quality. Today, luxurious and high quality products are made from leather, products like shoes, bags, belts and wallets, all carrying a premium price and looking and feeling the same. Also, powerful brands are using leather when they want to promote themselves, sending a message of strength, power and exclusivity.

Mainly, these are the reasons why the promotion industry is using products fashioned from leather or ones that use leather for a touch of style and class. Delivering the right message is extremely important, so when you want to offer a gift to someone that is worthy of your recognition, thanks and also appreciation, choose it wisely. A leather gift states that you have go beyond the standard products, that you offer something that has a high degree of exclusivity and, let’s not forget, a gift that has a high investment value.

These values and attributes are also applied to USB flash drives that have their casing made from leather. The standard plastic or metal USB sticks do an excellent job when promoting your business, but the USB Leather memory drives give the receivers an impression that you spent more on them. And they feel more appreciated and thanked.

USBcompany.co.uk offers several models of Leather USB flash drives to choose from. Each one of them makes a great high quality leather gift, but their value is raised even more by the fact that you can preload on them relevant information or messages about your business. The USB Leather memory drives are very warmly received gifts and they can become an excellent tool to promote your brand, products or services.




One of the latest marketing and advertising tools used by companies and other various institutions are the USB Pen Drives. Today is very affordable and useful to present a gift that carries your business’s logo name or other symbols, as prices for digital storage devices have become drastically cheaper.

Promotional usb drives

Promotional USB flash drives

Promotional USB flash drives come in so various shapes, sizes and colours that many may get confused on what to choose and what to leave behind. The important aspect anyone should be looking for is that the promotional USB memory drive should have a strong connection with the company that uses it as a giveaway. It should have a shape that resembles with the product you want to promote and should bear the company colours or its colour theme.

Also, the cases of the branded USB memory drives are made from very different materials. You can choose form the elegant wood products, like the USB Bamboo, the USB Bamboo Twister or the USB Bamboo Square, or the leather products, like the USB Leather and Steel, USB Leather Bar, USB Leather Keyfob or the USB Leather Clip. Or the simpler, but very creative ones, made from different types of plastic or metal.

The USB POD is one of these simple but extremely attractive and useful USB flash drives. Its interesting design makes it ideal to promote a brand as it can be an eye-catcher.

With a smart blend of a company logo and the right colour selection, the USB POD will prove to be a great promotional tool for many reasons. It will surely have a frequent use therefore the receiver will have a constant reminder of your company, its products or its services. Its low cost makes it ideal for distributing among clients, colleagues or partners. But most of all, branded with your logo, the USB POD will be a unique gift that will endorse the loyalty of your existing client base and the awareness of your business to potential new customers.

Ordered by at least one hundred units, the USB POD’s lead time is around 10 to 14 days and can also come with custom made packaging. Its memory size can satisfy every advertising campaign need, as it can go up to 16 GB, and the lanyard and the key ring come as standard accessories. And to add even more value to your newly branded USB POD, make sure to take advantage of our preloaded data service.