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  November 3, 2008

The Perfect Stocking Filler from USB Company


With Christmas just around the corner, we’re all looking for those perfect gifts. Here at USB Company, we feel we may just have the answer.

A stunning blend of tradition and gadgetry, the Incenti Pen USB combines the usefulness of a ballpoint pen, something everyone keeps a few of on their desk, with a high speed USB 2.0 memory stick. Send one or the other and you may win a bit of valuable desk space, and put a small smile on the recipient’s face, but combine the two and you’ve just given them a conversation piece; something that they will show their friends, family and colleagues.

One idea we like is to go for the Red Incenti-Pen, with either a Snowman or Christmas Tree printed on it, along with “Merry Christmas from”, followed either by your company name, or better yet, your logo. Alternatively, perhaps brand your company logo on one side of the pen, while having a festive theme on the other?

With 1GB or more of memory, the Incenti-Pen also makes an excellent gift for your own staff. You might even be generous enough to skip the company logo all together, and just send them a nice festive Christmas pen / USB stick. Then again, if they are getting incenti-pens for Christmas, they should be proud enough to work for you to want the logo!