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  September 9, 2014

Which USB Drive is right for you and your organisation?


In this blog series we have discussed the benefits of giving personalised USB drives to staff, students, or to visitors of trade fairs as promotional tools. In today’s article we will be talking all about style – How to make the perfect choice for your organisation. We’ll cover many the many options available to you and your company, including:

  • Basic
  • Cool
  • Customised
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

There are so many different styles of USB Drives to choose from that you can often spend a long time searching for the specific one that suits you and your organisation the best.

Obviously, your choice will depend on your budget and what your company will be using the USB drives for. But an overview of these different choices will make your life easier when making your decision. So here goes…



If you are giving away a lot of drives and are restricted by your budget then a simple USB Drive could be your best option. Consider our bestselling USB Twister. This is a great option for schools as the aluminium ‘twister’ means that there is no top to loose, guaranteeing protection for the drive.

Other basic options include the USB Slider with scratch proof aluminium casing and the easily personalised USB Slim Jim. These three basic and great value for money options are perfect for anyone who is looking to give away a bulk number of USB Drives, either to their staff, students, or prospective clients.



If you’re looking to inject that edge of class into your workforce then why not provide everyone with bespoke, sophisticated, and stylish leather USB Drives. This could be a great option for anyone who will be using their pen drive in business meetings – you will look the part.

A beautifully embroidered leather snap case with metallic accents will be sure to turn heads. You can even add your company logo to add that extra element of professionalism.

We also offer very sleek and stylish wooden USB Drives. Made from bamboo this lightweight, elegant, and simple choice will definitely be the envy of anyone who sets their eyes upon it.

Custom Shaped


Easily our most flexible option – For a completely customised option take a look at our Bespoke Range. Made from rubber plastic and silicone rubber you can mould the shape of your USB drives into anything that you want, such as your business logo or theme.

It’s an easy and fun way to really embody your company’s image, whether it’s a mascot or just a light-hearted idea.

This is a great way to get across your brand image at trade fairs or increase your employee satisfaction. Just send us your design and we will do the rest – it’s that easy!

Lightweight and easy to carry


Take a look at our awesome range of USB Drives which can are so easy to carry that you’ll forget that they’re even there!

Our new USB Credit Card range is already becoming a huge hit! Just slip it into your wallet just like your debit card – no more searching at the bottom of your bag! You can also use the entire face of the card for a customised image of your company logo, or in fact, anything that you want.

The USB Credit Card is very much a modern and forward thinking idea and one that is already beginning to catch on, thanks to its easy storage.

Another new and exciting product is wearable USBs! Just slip all of your information around your wrist. The cool design makes it especially attractive to schools and Universities.

Now that you have seen the many options available to you, hopefully you will have a better understanding of what suits you and your organisation the best. Whether you’re on a budget and need a simple and basic design or want to look stylish with our leather and wooden ranges we can help you. If you want a custom shaped rubber drive or a slick and easy to carry credit card design we can also cater for you!

Remember that all of our options can be customised with your logo or anything that you wish. You can also choose any storage capacity that you like as well – from 64MB to 16GB. Simply contact our sales team today to organise a personal quote.