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USB 3.0 the New Standard

Some time ago we wrote about the advent of a new standard for USB flash drives, USB 3.0. At the time, the standard was just beginning to be formulated and wasn’t out on the market. But now that the issues have been worked out with the standard, you can look forward to seeing a lot […]

James Bondesque Flash Drives Hit the Market

James Bond always had the coolest gadgets, some quite fanciful, others quite possible. Decades after a James Bond picture arrives in theatres, devices appear on the market that emulate some of the wild ideas the movies put forth, from spy cameras disguised as lighters to cars that can drive themselves. One only has to look […]

Project Cleaner Hands

With the money we raised last year, we’ve been able to build a fantastic toilet block in a Kindergarden in one of the poorest communities in Lima (Peru). Where once there was a hole in the ground, now there is a fully functional toilet and wash facility (see attached photographs). Through your generosity we have […]

Conference and Seminar Takeaways – on flash drives!

If you’re an event planner who regularly schedules and sets up seminars, workshops and conferences, then you know the nightmare of ensuring that all the meeting materials end up in the hands of attendees. In the past, this meant shipping hundreds of pounds of printed materials to the conference site, finding table space to lay […]

IBM’s Flash Drive Nightmare – a lesson learned!

IBM may have established a legacy as a leader in computer security, but it didn’t stop them from spreading malware in the promotional USB flash drives they handed out at the AusCert Security Conference in May 2010. Of course, they didn’t spread the malware intentionally. It was included in the drives they were handing out […]

Are USB Flash Drive and Memory Sticks Still a Good Promo Item Option?

For a while it seemed as if everyone was giving out branded USB flash drives at trade shows, seminars and conferences. There seemed to be an overabundance of these highly prized portable drives everywhere. So the question arises, is it still a strong strategy to use branded USB flash drives to promote your business, products […]

Protecting Your USB drive’s Data

The news of a policeman losing a USB flash drive filled with the contact information of police informants shows the importance of protecting your data from prying eyes. With just a few steps, the police department could have locked down the information with one of several products on the market today. The reason USB flash […]

Survey Feedback

Feedback results from our clients: Anonymous Feedback from our clients: Excellent Service. Thank You My only comment is that I prefer the lovehearts to the polos! Everything we’ve needed help with, USB Company have come up trumps! Each dealing we have had with you has been excellent in terms of speed, value for money and […]

Smart Buying Tips for USB Memory Sticks

In a very short period of time USB memory sticks and flash drives have virtually replaced CDs as the preferred backup device. The advantages are too hard to ignore – more storage space, smaller size and they’re virtually indestructible. Memory is key When we talk about the memory, we’re not talking about the size of […]