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  January 25, 2016

10 Ways In Which You Can Use Promotional USB Drives


The increasing popularity of promotional USB memory drives has encouraged us to keep considering not only how powerful and efficient these compact tech items are, but also how they can shake up any promotion. USB memory drives make awesome giveaways that can be used at a wide variety of events: from educational orientations to business conferences, concerts, sports events, and the list can go on. Promotional USB memory drives can be used to meet the marketing and advertising needs of numerous industries. What’s more, they are beneficial to practically anyone who owns or regularly uses a computer.

Since many people may think that USB memory drives do not actually have a lot to offer besides their tech capabilities, we have worked on a list of creative uses you can give promotional USB memory drives for your next marketing or advertising campaign.

Creative Ideas for Your Promotional Memory Drives

  1. USB memory drives can be used to store exclusive pieces of content. For example, you can use them to upload a sneak peak of an e-book or book, music and video clips, or even a speech you are particularly proud of. This is a great opportunity to provide your loyal and prospective clients with a sneak peek of what your business and you have to offer them and, at the same time, keep them interested in the additional services and products you may have to offer. After the recipients have previewed the uploaded content, they can use their flash drives for something else: store personal and work files, upload their favourite music and movies, etc.
  2. If you are going to speak at a convention, conference, or class, you can use a USB memory drive to store a copy of your presentation. By doing so, you are offering your audience the possibility to look back on the presentation. In addition, it offers the possibility for the presentation to be referenced in the future, or share it with those interested prospects that could not make it to the original presentation.
  3. USB memory drives can be used to create digital copies of your website link, business card, and resume/work samples where appropriate. Presenting your contact information in a digital form allows your social links, website link, and email address to become easily accessible while handing out physical items that will help recipients to remember you. By doing so, you will be able to take your networking to new levels, while making a big impression on the recipients.
  4. USB memory drives can be used at trade shows or expos. So why not have them pre-loaded with printable or digital coupons? This offers a great opportunity to get leads from trade shows or other events to go on and make purchases. While paper coupons are very easy to lose among other papers and flyers at trade shows, storing a digital coupon on a memory drive is a wonderful way to make sure that the attendees will make it home not only with your promotional USB memory drive, but also with their coupons.
  5. You can use imprinted flash drives as part of welcome packages or orientation day giveaways. Memory drives offer plenty of storage space that can be used to include employee handbooks, welcome letters, or other important policy information you consider pertinent. Uploading this information on a memory drive makes it easy to access or transfer to a PC or other devices for quick reference. In addition, it provides students or employees with a quality branded memory drive that can be used for future projects.
  6. If you are going to participate to an event, you can plan a giveaway using memory drives. Pre-load one or several memory drives with documents that let the recipients know that they are the lucky winners of a prize and offer clear instructions on how they can claim their prize. By doing so, you will add another dimension to the giveaway and you will offer recipients the opportunity to become more interactive. If you decide to use this strategy, you should make sure to actually give away the winning flash drive. Do not mix it up with non-winning flash drives or blank ones. Otherwise, if you do not manage to hand out all the memory drives, the winning drive may not make it into the recipients’ hands. You should make sure that flash drives tie into your brand nicely, especially since this particular method will not provide information about your company, a service, or a product.
  7. USB memory drives can be used as an original way to sincerely thank employees, event attendees, or students. You can pre-load the branded memory drive with a thank you picture, letter, or .Gif that your recipients will view as soon as they use the memory drive. This strategy will not only reinforce the positive image of your brand, but will also keep the recipients thinking of you.
  8. If you are organizing an event and you expect many people from out of town to attend it, loading a memory drive with a local guide can be a great giveaway. You can provide maps, restaurant suggestions, or places to visit around. This will make visitors feel comfortable and at home. You can hand out the memory drives when attendees sign in or register. By doing so, you will make sure that they can take advantage of your giveaway as soon as possible. By helping your attendees make the most of their stay, you will make sure that they will remember your event for a long time to come.
  9. Pre-load USB drives with industry information. This strategy works well for financial institutions, trade shows, hospitals, and other similar industries. If you have to deal with potential clients that are rather new to the industry, then you should keep in mind that there might be lot of information they are not familiar with. Providing specific information such as history, facts, industry statistics, and keywords is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate that you want to help the recipients make informed buying decisions.
  10. USB memory drives are a great way to start new conversations with networking connections made at events. You can provide your new connections with flash drives filled with videos, photos, and other materials that will help recap your event. You will thus open a new communication line with leads from your event. In addition, it will also be a nice way to remember your event.

If you are considering using promotional USB memory drives for your next event or marketing campaign, you can think of other creative ideas that may be more specific to your organization or industry. Always keep in mind that a promotional product must be a clear reflection of your business or industry, and clearly convey your marketing message. If you consider that memory drives make a good fit for your industry or business, you can always give one of the above mentioned creative ideas a try. If you prefer, you can always share with us your own creative ideas! We will make sure to take it from there and offer you the best possible solution for your marketing needs.