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  February 9, 2016

A Brief Guide to Corporate Gifts Giving


Offering corporate gifts to your employees, business partners, or loyal and prospective customers has turned into a long standing tradition for numerous businesses, regardless of their size or industry. And the big advantage is that corporate gifts can practically be rewarded any time of the year, not only during the holiday season or on other special occasions. Gift giving has become a wonderful way to thank all those people who help shape a company and significantly contribute to its overall success. By doing so, a business recognizes and rewards everything that clients, employees, and business partners have continuously put into the company month after month, year after year. Our company is proud to offer a great selection of custom corporate giveaways that will allow your business to brand great products to offer to all your valued customers, employees, and business partners.

Why going beyond simply saying ‘Thank You’ is a great idea

A simple giveaway to show your sincere appreciation towards your employees can make the difference between a person who simply tries to get the job done and a person who does everything in his or her power to embrace your corporate values, exceed the established goals, and continuously strive to improve. By acknowledging the employee effort and achievement, you will be able to increase productivity and improve the way your employees perceive and value the company they have been working for.

Most companies offer giveaways to their best clients for many similar reasons. When a company decides to go beyond its regular service standards and show clients how valuable they actually are to the company, the relationship between the business and the customer is considerably reinforced. By doing so, your clients are reminded the exact reasons why they have chosen your business instead of any another provider in their area.

Below you can find a few key aspects to keep in mind when giving out corporate giveaways to customers, business partners, and employees:

Make sure to be thoughtful with the gift choice!

It is advisable to avoid picking out a giveaway simply for the sake of gifting out something. Make sure to opt for an item that the recipient finds useful. This goal can be easily achieved by choosing an industry related product, or opting for a product that can be easily used in more than one single way. For instance, custom lanyards can make great giveaways because they can be comfortably used to carry around a wide variety of objects: the car keys, a USB drive, and even a bottle of water or a flashlight.

If possible, try to hand deliver the giveaway to the recipient!

If you can take the time to personally deliver your giveaway to its recipient, don’t hesitate! By doing so, everything will become more meaningful to the recipients. However, if you are not able to deliver the gift in person, you can always try to add a hand written note or gift tag, thus giving it a more personal, warm touch.

Make sure to check with company policies prior to giving away corporate gifts

If you do not wish for your gesture to be perceived as inappropriate by a client or business partner, it is advisable to check the company policies. Gift giving may be considered OK at your own company. However, the receiving associate or company may have different views or rules based on circumstance.

Corporate gift giving must be seen as an investment by your company

Therefore, it is advisable to budget for it just like you would with any other investment. Avoid getting caught with no extra funds at the end of the year and unable to thank properly those who really deserve it!

Below you can find some of our favourite corporate giveaways for the 2016 season:


Custom Shaped USB Memory Drives


custom shaped flash drives


The Custom Shaped USB memory drives we put at your disposal can practically take the form of your company’s logo or mascot. Regardless of the industry your business operates in, our USB sticks can take any shape you can think of. Since they are made from silicone and rubber, we can offer you the most versatile USB Sticks that are currently available on the market. All you have to do is contact our professional team and send us your logo design. We will take it from there and make sure we exceed your expectations.


Metal USB Sticks


leather USB memory stick


The spacious, metal surface that our metal USB sticks range offers can perfectly accommodate any design. In addition, thanks to our engraving and top quality screen-printing techniques, we offer you the possibility to create attractive and standout promotional items that you can give away at company events, conferences, or trade shows.


Leather USB Sticks




Are you looking for a stylish – yet functional – promotional item? Then look no further! Our Leather USB sticks are made from ecological leather, allowing you to have your logo engraved on a luxuriously looking flash drive, meant to make an impact and boost your brand awareness. Our Leather USB memory drives are the perfect accessory for any type of business professional.


Eco USB Sticks




By choosing an eco-friendly custom item for your marketing campaign, you will not only manage to reduce the impact of your giveaways on the environment, but your clients will inevitably associate your products, services, and brand with a responsible and eco-friendly attitude. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our eco-friendly USB Sticks range. Dare to make a green statement!


Wooden USB Sticks




Another eco-friendly and recyclable alternative to traditional USB memory drives, our wooden USB sticks can be personalised with your company’s logo, marketing message, or contact details.


Pen Drive USB Sticks




Our versatile Pen Drive USB Sticks are made from brass or metal, simultaneously offering sturdiness, flexibility, and a generous printing area you can have personalised to suit your taste and marketing needs.  Whether you choose engraving or screen printing, your Custom Pen Drive USB Stick is sure to make an impact.


Wristband USB Sticks




If your business is targeting younger people, our Wristband USB Sticks will surely resonate with them. Ideally used as promotional items at school events, music events, cultural events, or festivals, our Wristband USB Sticks can be easily personalised with logos or meaningful messages. Additionally, you can have them pre-loaded with any type of promotional material (PowerPoint presentations, website links, videos etc.).


Custom Accessories




From mouse mats to custom lanyards, USB mice, covers, car chargers, original items, anything can be personalised to meet your marketing needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information and ideas on how to impress your clients, employees, and business partners!

What is the right size for your promotional USB stick?

Undoubtedly, promotional USB memory drives have become the ideal solution for any organization or business to promote its brand, services, and products. USB memory drives not only represent a portable and convenient way to store and carry around computer documents, but, if used wisely, they can show your employees, business partners, and loyal customers that you really care. Here, at USBcompany, we offer you the possibility to choose between different sizes: from 256MB or 512MB up to 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB. By knowing exactly what each USB memory drive can hold, it will be easier for you to opt for the size that best suits your needs.

The 256MB drive can hold approx. 4,718 word documents, 715 power points, 786 PDF Documents, 153 photos, or 57 MP3’s. Keep in mind that it will not be able to store a full length movie.

The 512MB drive can hold approx. 9,437 word documents, 1,430 power points, 1,573 PDF Documents, 307 photos, or 115 MP3’s. You will still not be able to store a full length movie.

The 1GB drive can hold approx. 18,874 word documents, 2,860 power points, 3,146 PDF Documents, 614 photos, or 230 MP3’s. Still, you will not be able to store a full length movie.

The 2GB drive can hold approx. 37,749 word documents, 5,719 power points, 6,291 PDF Documents, 1,229 photos, or 460 MP3’s. This type of USB memory drive can hold one full length movie.

The 4GB drive can hold approx. 75,497 word documents, 11,439 power points, 12,583 PDF Documents, 2,457 photos, or 921 MP3’s. If you prefer, you can use it to store two full length movies.

The 8GB drive can hold approx. 150,995 word documents, 22,878 power points, 25,166 PDF Documents, 2,457 photos, or 1,843 MP3’s. It can be used to carry around up to five full length movies.

The 16GB drive can hold approx. 301,990 word documents, 242,878 power points, 125,166 PDF Documents, 4,915 photos, or 3,686 MP3’s. With this size, you will be able to store up to ten full length movies.

Whether you decide to buy the 256MB, the 16GB, or any other size, there is no doubt that your employees, business partners, or clients will appreciate this great, versatile gift.