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  January 18, 2016

Most Popular USB 3.0 Memory Drives


When it comes down to opting for a great USB memory drive, there are a few things that we need to keep present: portability, flexibility, speed, storage, and last but not least, affordability.

With the convenience that cloud storage now offers, USB memory drives may seem like old news. However, the best USB memory drives are portable, near-indestructible, fast, and offer tons of space. There is no doubt that all these features make them worth having. Many people use them because they are portable and tiny, or because they pack huge storage for all those files that may be simply too large for cloud storage. Or maybe because users can simply carry them around for immediate access to those important documents that they do not feel comfortable to trust the cloud with. Or, maybe, simply because they are cost-effective and come with features such as mini USB ports. The truth is that USB memory drives are extensively used and are here to stay.

Below you can find a list of the most popular USB 3.0 Memory Drives.

Digital 64GB Data Traveler manufactured by Kingston

Kingston’s Digital Data Traveler series of USB 3.0 memory drives is affordable, offers high-capacity, and it is totally portable. The all-aluminium casing it comes with

is durable enough to be kept on a keychain and resist all the bumps and drops your keyring might take while on the go. However, it is small enough to smoothly fit into a USB port without blocking adjacent ports. In addition, it is backwards compatible and fast. The Kingston’s 64GB version is available at Amazon at competitive prices. If you prefer, you could opt for the 32GB or 16GB versions at a lower price, or, if you need more space, head over to Kingston directly and buy the 128GB version.

The Extreme 64GB USB 3.0 Memory Drive manufactured by SanDisk

There is no doubt that SanDisk makes some of the best SD cards. However, that’s not all: they also come up with some of the best and fastest USB 3.0 memory drives available on the market. SanDisk’s Extreme 64GB USB 3.0 memory drive provides awesome transfer speeds: 190 MB/s write and 245 MB/s read. Though the drive is rather large and best kept in a bag until plugged in, the retractable USB port of this device ensures that it is never damaged. You can opt for the 64GB version, the 32GB one, or the smaller 16GB versions.

The Turbo 64GB USB3.0 Memory Drive manufactured by PNY

Well known for providing affordable memory and storage, PNY’s USB 3.0 memory drives are no exception. The Turbo USB 3.0 series of memory drives is tiny and portable, and can be easily stored in a laptop bag or a pocket. In addition, the line boasts speedy and solid transfer rates, and comes in sizes that are big enough to allow you to carry around anything you might need. The 64GB version is worth highlighting, mainly due to its competitive price.  We are talking about simple, affordable storage, coming in a plastic housing and featuring a cap that keeps the USB plug clean.  There are various versions to choose from: the 64GB version, the 128GB version, or the cheaper 16GB or 32GB versions. If you are in search of massive storage capacity, there is a 256GB version available.

The Flash Voyager 64GB OTG manufactured by Corsair

If you are in need of a USB 3.0 memory drive that works perfectly well with your computer, no matter if it is a PC or a Mac, as well as with your Android tablet or phone, then the Corsair Voyager Go might be the best possible option. The 64GB version comes in a rugged, tiny package and boasts an aluminium case, as well as a carrying strap that you can easily connect to your keychain. It is small enough to practically fit anywhere you may need to take it. In the end, this gadget is only 37mm long. Also, the device can switch to micro USB from the USB 3.0 port. This means that any Android gadget that supports OTG will perfectly work with it and identify it as added storage. And the best part is the cross-compatibility between mobile devices and desktops (as well as desktop operating systems). Storage and portability will not cost you extra money. If you are not in need of so much space, the 32GB or 16GB versions may save you some money. And there is even an extra touch users appreciate: the gadget comes with extra caps, just in case you misplace the included one. That is really a nice touch.

The Ultra Fit 64GB USB 3.0 Memory Drive manufactured by SanDisk

If you are looking for the ultimate solution in portability, then the SanDisk Ultra Fit might be an amazing option. This device is so small that it hardly sticks out of the USB drive it gets plugged into (its size resembles that of the Logitech Unifying Receiver, in case you are more familiar with it). The Ultra Fit memory drive is available in various storage options. However, none of these options modifies the basic form factor. All the available models (whether we are talking about the 64GB version or the massive 128GB one) are USB 3.0 and deliver great transfer speeds and a five year warranty.  The models even come with little protective caps that keep the USB jacks clean while the gadgets are not in use.

The users of the Ultra Fit series often point out that the profile of these drives is so low and their size is so small that they simply leave them in their laptops and PCs for extra storage. The drive is so small that there is practically no need to take it out when packing up the laptop to travel.

The Flash Survivor 64GB USB 3.0 Memory Drive manufactured by Corsair

If you are looking for incredible sturdiness, then Corsair’s Survivor is definitely worth mentioning. We are talking about a near-indestructible memory drive. Even if you run over this memory drive with a truck or decide to drop it from a height, it would not only survive: it would still work perfectly!  If you are wondering how this can be possible, you must know that these memory drives board aircraft-grade, hard-anodized aluminium housings, as well as a waterproof seal and shock-resistant bumpers and housings. To top it all, these gadgets provides users with a five year warranty. To sum up, if durability and sturdiness is your main concern, then this is the best drive you could choose. Apart from durable, Corsair’s Survivor is also fast.

The Ultra USB 3.0 OTG Memory Drive manufactured by SanDisk

We are talking about SanDisk’s dual-port offering which can be compared with Corsair’s Voyager Go. The 64GB version is available at Amazon at really convenient prices. Though it is not as durable and rugged as Corsair’s version, the memory drive still provides dual USB 3.0, as well as micro USB ports you can connect to your Android tablet or smartphone. In addition, the memory drive is still small enough to be carried around practically anywhere, while still protecting the jacks while not in use.

As you can see, there are lots of storage deals available these days. Some USB 3.0  memory drives are really good-looking and offer aesthetic value, while others are near-indestructible, and can be taken practically anywhere. Some others are super-tiny and fit virtually anywhere, even in your wallet or pocket. Others come in original shapes, or come with some other amazing tricks up their sleeve. But the truth is that USB memory drives still allow you to tote around those important files you feel uncomfortable to store in a cloud.