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  March 1, 2016

Facts You Should Know About Custom Power Banks


Power banks – aka external battery packs – are the newest addition to the rich electronic family of promotional giveaways. There is no doubt that their popularity has been consistently growing this year. And the reasons why are no surprise to anyone.

It has been a while since people have stopped using just a phone – currently, people use multiple tech gadgets throughout the day. And, more than likely, your customers will agree that, when the batteries die, they are facing a real problem – particularly when it comes to their phones.

Researches in the field (e.g. Pew Research) have demonstrated that almost 30% of cell-phone owners consider their phones as an item they cannot live without. The vast majority of cell-phone owners regularly check their phones for calls, messages, or other alerts, even if they haven’t noticed it ringing or vibrating.

Phones – and many other tech gadgets- are embedded into our daily routine. We need them all charged up and ready to be used whenever and wherever we need them. Savvy marketers are continuously looking for new ways to cater to the technology needs of their customers. There is no doubt that custom power banks make a great promotional gift.

Here are some facts you should know when it comes to custom power banks:

  1. Power banks are not only for phones.

In fact, power banks are perfectly compatible with any type of phones -Androids, Motorola, iPhones, HTC, and many others – but they can also be used to charge up iPads, GPS devices, and other tablets. Power banks are equipped with USB to micro-USB connecting cables that allow them to recharge tech devices or the battery backup.

  1. Power banks are 100% customizable.

Power banks can be screen-printed with a company’s logo or message, thus allowing you to turn a nice tech giveaway into an incredibly useful marketing tool. Each time the recipient charges up a phone or a tech device (something that more than likely happens on a daily basis) he or she will be reminded instantly of your business. What’s more, you can even opt for trendy power banks in neon shades such as orange or pink. Businesses can design their promotional power banks to perfectly fit their brand and marketing campaign.

  1. Power banks do pack serious power.

Power banks are small, sleek, and slim. However, you should not let their size fool you.  They can fully recharge iPhones and many other tech devices. However, it is very important to take into consideration their capacity. Usually, the higher the mAH, the bigger the capacity. For instance, a phone that comes with a 1500mAH battery will be fully charged one time by a 1500mAH power bank. In exchange, a 5600mAH battery can fully charge a phone 2-3.5 times and can charge an iPad at about 40%.

You have to keep in mind that, when it comes to mobile tech, custom power banks are able to address one of your clients’ most critical needs: their need for power. Your custom power bank will provide them with the charge they need anywhere, anytime. They will no longer need to desperately look for an outlet or pack numerous cords when traveling. And, since your logo is printed on it, your company will get great brand exposure each time they use your giveaway.

How to use portable power banks

Power banks are practically external batteries in sealed cases. Most power banks are delivered with a USB cable, which you need to connect to a power source (e.g. a laptop) if you want to recharge the power bank.

We have all been there: you are out, with a million things to do, and you desperately need your phone to send an email, make a call, or look at a map. Or maybe you need to find a message containing important info such as the exact place where you need to go. Surprise! Your phone’s battery has just died!

The old solution would be to go to your car and use the car charger. Or just wait in a store, where you have miraculously found an outlet. However, there is a more convenient alternative: Portable power banks.

In order to be able to use these devices to power other gadgets, people need to make sure that their power bank is packed up with its own power. Unlike many other portable chargers, power banks can be easily recharged. And the best part is that they do not run off of batteries.

There are various ways to recharge a power bank:

Method 1: Charging via Outlet

Most mobile gadgets have merged to wall outlet chargers that connect to devices by means of a USB cord. If you use the Power Bank cord that comes with your portable charging device, you will be able to connect your devices to mobile wall outlet components.

Method 2: Charging via Computer

Since computers have batteries and the ability to easily connect to external power sources, PCs are often used to recharge smaller devices. Connecting a power bank to a PC or laptop is extremely easy and comfortable.

Before their initial use, power banks should be charged overnight. When a power bank is drained of power, it can be fully recharged in around four to five hours. Users often report that recharging via outlet is faster.