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  April 15, 2016

The Importance of Smart Product Promotion


Widely used by more and more businesses each day, product promotion is an efficient technique that is used to promote goods or services with both the long term and short term goal of increasing a company’s sales.   There are numerous companies that are using different types of strategies to promote their services and products.   Product promotion has become a crucial factor that determines the growth of virtually any type of business.  These days, almost nobody can imagine a business flourishing without proper promotion.  Product promotion can be considered a basic entity for all business owners.  There are various available ways in which entrepreneurs can expand their businesses. Event marketing promotions or wedding video promotion, just to name a few, are some of the promotion strategies that more and more business owners opt for.

Main advantages of using product promotions

The efficient promotion of a product attracts customers by availing the benefits of the respective product or service. So, whether your business is small or big, product promotion is extremely important if you want to get success.

  • Efficient product promotion is likely to increase the amount of customers and, consequently, the sales of your products or services.
  • If done properly, product promotion can help you make a long-lasting impression on your loyal and prospective customers
  • Corporate gifts can also help you promote your business
  • You can always use free samples as promotional products
  • Promotional products can be used as incentives for the employees as well
  • Product promotion can be extremely helpful in increasing the exposure of a business’ new services or products

Numerous business owners are using product promotion services. These services include property promotions, wedding production promotions, event promotion, just to name a few. One can choose practically the promotion service that best meets their real needs. Product promotions use mainly two strategies:

  • The push strategy: This type of product or service promotion strategy focuses on attracting the customer towards the products or services by means of media promotion, thus increasing the customer’s willingness to purchase the item.
  • The pull strategy: By using this strategy, the customer is offered several options to purchase a product or service, as per his or her convenience.

The product promotion types can be divided into four categories:

  • Advertising: This type of product promotion appears in the form of banners, newspapers or magazine adds, or on the web.
  • Sales promotion: This type of product promotion includes trade shows, holding contests, or other types of programs.
  • Public relations: This activity includes pitching articles, blog posts, and much more.
  • Personal selling: As its name implies, this type of product promotion is done face to face.

Currently, there are numerous event promotion companies dealing with different types of promotion services at more than reasonable prices. Availing the event promotion service for new businesses is a very good idea. Event promotion companies usually offer high quality services to all their clients.  Business owners can avail these services regardless of the type of business they run: property promotions, medical promotions and more.   These promotion strategies can be essential for the growth of a business and can efficiently introduce products and services on the market.  Choosing the right strategy and the right promotion method can make a difference.

Promoting a Business using Custom USB Memory Drives

Though USB memory drives are small, they are essential gadgets for transferring, storing, or backing-up digital data, media files, sensitive documents, and many other types of digital content and files. The floppy disk has become an obsolete memory storage device. Nowadays, innovators are continuously trying to increase the storage capacity and other key features of USB memory drives.

The number of USB flash drives users has steadily increased over the last few years, many people using them on a daily basis for their personal and professional needs. As time passes, the world gets more and more digitalised. As a consequence, the demand for computers, mobiles, tablets, laptops, flash drives, or other gadgets is constantly growing all over the globe.

There is no wonder that many business owners, entrepreneurs, hardware and software manufacturers and distributors, as well as numerous other types of organizations have started to use custom USB memory drives to promote their products, services, and brand. Custom USB memory drives offer you the possibility to promote your products and brand efficiently in a one-time investment in a popular advertising tool!

For those of you who are not very familiar with custom USB flash drives, it would be useful to remind you that they come in numerous shapes, capacities, and sizes able to catch people’s attention and make an impact. Custom device manufacturers create custom USB memory drives according to each client’s requirements and real needs.

If, for example, your customers come from the IT industry, colleges and high schools, or digital media, then promotional custom USB flash drives represent the best tool to attract potential customers towards their brand, services and products. Using promotional USB memory drives for your marketing and advertising purposes is an innovative method to get people’s attention and enhance brand awareness.

If you are running a small promotion budget but you still want to get the best possible results, finding the ideal USB memory drive manufacturer, able to understand your business’ needs, becomes crucial. A good and reliable manufacture will put at their clients’ disposal a creative team able to suggest the USB memory drives designs that best suit the needs of their clients’ businesses.

Why Are Custom Shaped USB Memory Drives Increasing in Popularity?

The promotional gift industry offers hundreds of different custom USB memory sticks designs. However, there is one particular model whose popularity is continuously increasing: custom shaped USB drives. However, we are talking about a bespoke service rather than an individual model. This service allows companies – regardless of their size or the industry they operate in – to have USB memory drives created according to the specific shape that represents the company: a logo, the product itself, a vehicle shape, a hamburger, or any other shape one desires.

So why are custom shaped USB drives continuously increasing in popularity? Well, apart from the large memory capacities they offer, the tooling costs for the production of custom shaped USB sticks have fallen dramatically over the past few years. As a consequence, this desirable and efficient opportunity has slowly become so affordable that it will cost you just a little more than standard batches of printed flash drives. Most custom USB flash drives suppliers require a min. order quantity of only 100 units, thus making the entire process even more affordable. And this is great news to those small companies with tight budgets.

The best thing about custom shaped USB memory drives is that they not only offer a huge promotional value, but they are also capable of standing out from the crowd. So, instead of getting your logo printed on standard shaped drives, you can opt for having the actual memory drive built according to the shape of your logo. What’s more, you can Pantone colour match the used material to the exact colours of your business. Custom shaped memory drives do not necessarily need to follow the shape of your logo. Suppliers offer endless shape possibilities; for instance, product shapes, vehicle shapes, people shapes, etc. USB suppliers themselves often use custom shaped memory drives to promote their services. Custom USB flash drives always seem to be successful. The return on the investment can be measured and tracked easily, especially because show visitors almost always talk about their appreciated USB giveaway and use the uploaded content.

In addition, you can always use another clever little trick to measure the actual return on your investment. Unique, trackable URLs in can be added to links on the files which have been pre-uploaded onto the drives. Google Analytics will highlight these links, allowing you to see what your drives’ receivers are doing. If you own an e-commerce website, you will see the revenue generated by your custom shaped USB memory drives. Very smart, there is no doubt about it.

When exhibiting at trade shows, seminars, and other similar events, custom shaped USB drives make the lasting impact any business is striving to achieve. You can rest assured that those visitors who are gifted your custom shaped USB memory drives will not end up throwing them in the recycle bin (unlike those piles of leaflets and pens your competitors gifted away). The visitors of your stand will take home a little piece of your brand, whereas the stands of your competitors are likely to be easily forgotten.

Since most USB memory drives suppliers do all the hard work for you, ordering could not be easier and more convenient. What’s more, most suppliers will even provide you with free concepts and designs and even produce physical, pre-production samples in only a matter of days.