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  March 31, 2016

Custom Promotional USB Memory Drives For Exhibitions

Promotional USB drives

Promotional USB memory drives have become the choice of many farsighted and progressive contemporary businessmen. It is true that there is a wide range of beneficial and functional promotional items: practically any object can be easily turned into a marketing and advertising tool. Some of these items have a long promotional history, while others can be considered newcomers on the promotional goods market. However, some of them will only appeal to a rather limited group of recipients: for instance, items designed for people of certain age, professional field, or social status. Other promotional items will be useful and relevant for a vaster number of people. USB memory drives definitely belong to the last category: nowadays, virtually everybody is computer operational. What’s more, using a computer has become a crucial part of our daily routine.

And this is the main reason why everybody is glad to receive a promotional USB drive. USB memory drives can be given out at an exhibition, trade show, presentation, or even a business meeting. If you prefer, they can be sent as a corporate gift to business partners and loyal clients. Giving branded pen drives to all your employees may also be a great idea. It is undeniable that people are slowly getting sick and tired of numerous promotional items that are given out by certain companies that do not take into consideration their real needs. If you think a minute about the last trade show you have attended, you have been more than likely given at least half a dozen pens, a couple of t-shirts, and more than one mug. How many of these giveaways do you actually use?  We seriously doubt that the name of these companies is actually imprinted in your memory. And the same is likely to happen with your company’s name if you decide to give out promotional products just for the sake of gifting something.

A custom promotional USB drive is not only an original giveaway, but also a highly appreciated one, frequently used and kept within the sight and range of your customers. Of course, it might be a little more expensive than many other promotional items, but you can consider it a long-term investment. There is no doubt that pen drives are usually very durable, especially since they come with a reliable configuration and have no moving parts. Due to these features, a person is likely to use your promotional drive for a long time to come, thus spreading the word about your products, services, and business in the office, at home, at the library, at an Internet cafe, university, a friend’s house, or wherever she or he might go.

USB memory drives are lightweight and extremely easy to carry around and store. They are able to store huge amounts of information and files and, at the same time, they weigh practically nothing. Your promotional USB memory drives can travel in a secretary’s purse, can hang on a doctor’s lanyard, or on a student’s key chain.

Giving out promotional memory drives at the end of a presentation, a business meeting, conference, or negotiation might be a wonderful idea. You can pre-load them with a file that contains the summary of the event. By doing so, your customers, business partners, and employees are offered the opportunity to refresh their memory about the event. This convenient item can store all types of documents: from audio and video files to graphics, images, presentations, and text files. Your employees can even use them to take a part of their work home if they did not have the chance to finish their tasks at the office.

As you can see, these small sized and apparently humble promotional USB memory drives have a lot of potential for promoting one’s company, products, and services, especially nowadays when virtually everything is getting computerised.

Promotional USB Memory Drives: What Makes Them the Hottest Business Giveaways

As we have previously seen, the continuous technological progress has determined many companies to look for new ways to make things easier and quicker at the work place. More and more businesses are becoming aware of one crucial aspect: time translates to money. Put simple, the quicker things are done at the office, the faster new projects can be started. More productivity translates into more earnings for the company. Since most households and virtually all companies are regularly using PCs, most businesses are now starting to use promotional USB Memory Drives to deliver the company’s literature and information and, at the same time, offer their customers something valuable they can use in the future.

We would like to highlight one more time that USB memory drives – also commonly known as Universal Serial Bus Drives, – are compatible with most PCs and are able to store more information than traditional DVDs and CDs. Also known as thumb drives, they are usually removable and rewritable, they are lightweight, and much smaller than traditional floppy disks.

Advantages over other portable storage devices

What’s more, USB memory drives offer certain advantages over other types of portable storage devices, especially the floppy disk.

  • Their size and shape is more compact, making them extremely easy and comfortable to bring anywhere, as they fit in a pocket or a purse.
  • USB memory drives can hold more data and information, their storage capacities ranging from 64MB up to 32GB or even higher. In addition, their size and prices per capacity are continuously improving.
  • Unlike other traditional storage devices, USB memory drives come with a more durable design, which makes them resistant to surface scratches, unlike regular CDs. This makes data more secure.
  • USB memory drives operate faster.
  • Since USB memory drives lack moving parts, they are more reliable.
  • USB memory drives are very easy to use. All you have to do is plug them in.
  • Gone are the days when PCs were sold with floppy disk drives. USB ports can now be found on all personal computers, laptops and MACs.
  • Due to their reusability, USB memory drives are environmentally friendly.
  • USB memory drives can be considered an innovative and budget-friendly marketing tool.

As marketing items, promotional USB memory drives carry a powerful novelty value in a saturated promotional advertising and media market. Since they can be used for longer periods of time, promotional USB memory drives are cheaper and more efficient than other advertising media such as TV, radio, newspapers, or other business giveaways.

We must keep in mind that the most important benefit a business can get from distributing custom USB Drives is the fact that its brand, company logo, or message will be displayed to the user each and every time he or she accesses the drive. And this offers the utmost logo and brand exposure.

All these features make promotional USB memory an obvious choice for any successful ad campaign. Ideal to be given away by businesses to promote their products and services at trade fairs, business conferences, and exhibitions, promotional USB memory drives are the hottest thing in promotional items. What’s more, they are unlikely to become antiquated or supersaturate the market. According to manufacturers, each USB drive offers an infinitude of uses, making it impossible for customers to have too many of them.

Engage With Your Customers Using Custom Promotional USB Memory Drives

As already mentioned, branded USB memory drives have become an individual and effective marketing strategy. Here are some of the main benefits branded merchandise can offer to your business:

  • Branded merchandise has become preferable over radio and TV advertising, or other printed materials. The use of branded giveaways allows your business to aim specifically and engage with your target audience at a more personal level. This targeting strategy will more than likely save you money as your marketing funds are used in an area that is likely to offer you a substantial return on your initial investment.
  • Permanence. Media forms such as radio, TV, and printed media do not offer the ‘shelf-life’ branded gift merchandise can offer. If you opt for branded promotional items that your target audience is going to use on a daily basis, your clients will receive a continuous reminder of your promotional message and brand.
  • Subliminal appeal. The physical contact with a carefully chosen promotional item will have more impact than transitory media such as TV or radio ads, or printed material. Whether they actually are aware of it or not, the targeted audience subliminally digests the received information, making them think of your products or services when they need to make a purchase.
  • Maintain customer loyalty. Promotional gifts pave the way for further interaction with your clients, promoting your company and keeping your business in their minds. Branded gifts are a great reward for customer loyalty and an efficient tool for attracting new ones.
  • Increase your client base. A well-chosen branded giveaway is likely to convince your prospective customers to buy from you instead of your competitors.

USB Flash Drives make a great marketing and advertising tool, allowing you to print or engrave them with your logo and promotional message.  So why not make the transition from traditional forms of advertisement to promotional USB memory drives and engage with your target market or audience at a more personal level?