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  December 26, 2015

Custom USBs are a Unique Gift to Celebrate the New Year

Are you looking for a personalized and unique New Year gift to surprise your friends, customers, business partners, or employees with? If the answer is YES, look no further, as we are here to provide you with the widest range of possible alternatives: branded USB memory drives, custom lanyards, custom USB pens, custom wristbands, and many other items that will surely put a smile on anyone’s face!

Celebrate the New Year and show your appreciation with our custom USB flash drives!

Bespoke USB memory sticks

USB memory drives – also commonly referred to as thumb drives or flash drives – actually are reusable portable hard drives. Due to their small size – most have the size of a gum pack, – they can easily be carried around in a pocket, on a key chain, or even worn around the neck just like regular necklaces by your loyal and prospective clients, employees, or business partners. The technology advancements have made it possible for USB memory drives to come in virtually any shape (massagers, cans, planes, peppers, to name just a few) and in a wide range of material (leather, wood, bamboo, recycled paper etc.).  You can even opt for custom USB pens, which ‘hide’ the flash drive inside the writing tool.

USB memory drives come with a great benefit: they plug directly into the Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports of a computer. Typically, they are built to store between 64 megabytes up to 2 gigabytes of data. There is no doubt that the popularity of memory drives has significantly grown over the past several years, especially since their storage capacities have increased significantly and USB-enabled electronic gadgets have become ubiquitous. This popularity and the amazing capabilities of memory drives have led to the inevitable advent of memory drive marketing.

Marketing professionals now fully understand the incredible marketing potential of these tiny – yet so powerful and useful – devices. So why not use them to your advantage to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with all your clients, employees, and business partners?

Custom Memory Drives Marketing Delivers Branded Gifts to Your Customers


Memory drives can be easily stamped with a company’s name or logo. As a consequence, custom logo or name USB memory drives have become tradeshows, seminars, convention, and other similar events favourites. What’s more, many savvy businesses are using them as giveaway items for Christmas and the New Year.

More and more companies are gifting holiday custom memory drives to their key customers and prospective ones, thus providing them with an immediate reminder of their company every time they get to use the device to back up documents or transfer files. Providing your loyal and prospective customers with a custom USB memory drive offers an incredible marketing opportunity, enhancing your brand visibility and, at the same time, offering them an item of real value which they will use repeatedly, for a long time to come.

Custom Memory Drives Marketing Delivers Branded Holiday Gifts With Targeted Messages


If you decide to use USB memory drives as corporate gifts and branded giveaways, you are barely touching the peak of the marketing iceberg. Why? Because savvy marketers are now using the storage abilities of these small gadgets to reinforce their message. USB memory drives can be pre-loaded with promotional content, useful data, music, videos or other types of content that may increase brand awareness. The devices can be setup to load a specific website or auto-run a particular marketing message when plugged into a computer. Customers will be able to use the flash drive and store their documents and files alongside the pre-loaded content. Custom USB flash drives that also hold a pre-loaded presentation and message offer companies the possibility to concomitantly deliver a branded item AND targeted message.

In their search for cutting edge and creative ways to stand out from their competitors, large and small sized companies operating in a wide range of industries use memory drive marketing to pass on their messages.

How can organizations use Custom USB Memory Drives Marketing this time of the year?


Schools, for example, can provide upcoming required course materials and handbooks to students using thumb drives that feature the school’s colours and mascot. Students will continue to use the memory drive for data transfer and storage throughout the school year.

Bands can deliver and promote new music via flash drives.

Creative and design agencies can offer multi-media portfolios and links to additional web-based content.

These are only some ideas on how you can use custom USB memory drives this Christmas and New Year. But we would love to hear from you if you need further information!