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Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing : Why to Consider Both

  July 20, 2022

Tube TVs, Laserdiscs, pay phones – certain pieces of tech that were swept away in the digital revolution probably aren’t coming back. That doesn’t mean that everything that’s worked in the past is obsolete, though. And that’s especially true when it comes to marketing, where digital and traditional media can do a lot more than coexist. They […]

What is a Flash Drive and How Does It Work

  July 4, 2022

Although flash drives are made in numerous formats, today’s most common type is the USB flash drive. They are highly convenient portable computer data storage devices, typically no larger than a thumb. Their ability to save large quantities of data locally makes them perfect for numerous applications – from local storage to backups. Although USB […]

Card Bottle Opener USB

  July 27, 2020

  How cooler can it gets? The Card Bottle Opener USB is a great model that delivers so many amazing features. Its large printing area is perfect for your company logo or some creative artwork to represent your brand in the best possible way. The bottle opener is always handy when you decide that it’s […]

The new H2O Eco bottle – Made in UK

  January 28, 2020
The new H2O Eco bottle - Made in UK

  Yes, that’s true. It’s made in the UK! And not only that. It’s also made from 100% post-consumer PET scraps. It is a single-wall sport bottle with ergonomic design. Features a spill-proof lid with flip top. The volume capacity is 650 ml. You can have it branded with your company logo and present your […]

Stress Relieving Power Bank

  November 5, 2019

Work environment can often be stressful, sometimes very stressful, depending on how the individual reacts. There are different ways and methods of how to deal with stress at work but in this blogpost we will focus only on one attractive and fun way which will make everyone smile. Wonder how this topic can be related […]

How to choose the best branding option for your USB model

  October 7, 2019

  Branding can be a game changer when it comes to promotional giveaways. And more important, the right branding option will make your product stylish, nice looking and remembered. Many times, companies just want to have their logo on the USB without considering the characteristics of the model, the size and most important – the […]

Create value for your business adding branded USB flash drives to the marketing kit

  September 3, 2019

  High technology surrounds us more and more in this modern world. Digital information is coming to us faster and from everywhere. It is of high importance to know how to use properly all the right tools in order to add value to your business and make yourself more recognisable. Whether you’re at a conference, […]

Bespoke USBs – the powerful weapon in your advertising arsenal

  August 12, 2019

We all know that a well branded USB flash drive can be of great service for your company’s image and presentation.  When it is done professionally, it can really make a difference for your clients, partners and your target groups. Most of the times the USBs look nice, the branding is good too, but what […]

USBs for Sustainable Development

  July 31, 2019

How can a promotional item turn into an environmentally sustainable material?  The corporate world is now paying attention to the ecological problems that are taking place on a global level. More and more people start thinking consciously about some favourable future changes and  sustainabile strategies to reduce the environmental footpring of their business.  If you […]

Direct-Marketing: A Gold Strategy That Will Get People to Say Yes!

  May 20, 2016
Direct-Marketing: A Gold Strategy That Will Get People to Say Yes!

Direct marketing success relies on three key words: Know, Like, Trust. If you want consumers to buy from your business, you need them to trust it. In order for them to trust your business, they first need to like you. In order for them to be able to like you, they actually need to know […]

The Importance of Smart Product Promotion

  April 15, 2016

Widely used by more and more businesses each day, product promotion is an efficient technique that is used to promote goods or services with both the long term and short term goal of increasing a company’s sales.   There are numerous companies that are using different types of strategies to promote their services and products.   Product […]