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  July 31, 2019

USBs for Sustainable Development

How can a promotional item turn into an environmentally sustainable material? 

The corporate world is now paying attention to the ecological problems that are taking place on a global level. More and more people start thinking consciously about some favourable future changes and  sustainabile strategies to reduce the environmental footpring of their business. 

If you are one of those people and if you are looking to promote your company in an eco friendly way we from USB Company have the right solution for you – a USB stick made entirely from 100% recycled paper! Unlike the other USBs on the market, which are made from 50% recycled paper and 50% plastic, the Eco Square USB differs from all and refers entirely to the zero waste principles.

 Imagine how many benefits this will bring to all the stakeholders?

  • To your company in terms of promotion
  • To your customers and business partners – easy access to all  the information you would like to present!
  • To the environment itself – reducing the footprint 

Is it possible to implement ECO ideas and at the same time promote your company on a USB Flash Drive?

Yes, there is already a point where nature, business and technology meet. Instead of using paper catalogues, flyers and brochures, we can now upload all your information onto a single USB drive that not only reduces the printing and saves paper but also gives nature vibes with its finest recycled shells! At the same time you can get your company name promoted in an impressive ECO-friendly way.

Our ECO USBs might turn into an important part of the Corporate Social Responsibility of your company and yet be a part of the Marketing and Brand Strategy. 

It is not difficult to care for our planet- Just think twice and be (act) wise (ly)! Small steps – big impact.