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  August 12, 2019

Bespoke USBs – the powerful weapon in your advertising arsenal

We all know that a well branded USB flash drive can be of great service for your company’s image and presentation.  When it is done professionally, it can really make a difference for your clients, partners and your target groups.

Most of the times the USBs look nice, the branding is good too, but what about if you make it fully customised. A bespoke USB is something that fully resembles your company logo or creates unique design for you. It can be a boat, plane, ship, train, animal or even some complicated machinery. It can be 2D or even 3D model, depending of the design and complexity of the model.  

It means that you can create a powerful advertising tool that will be unique for your company and use it to gain more identification for your brand.

You can check with us some of the unique designs that we have created over the years for our clients who keep returning.