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  January 13, 2014

Top 10 gadgets of 2013

2013 came with a lot of surprises regarding technology gadgets. Some of these devices were just better versions of earlier models, others brought us innovations and explored possibilities never seen before. So, how can we define the 2013 gadgets? Simple: wearable, curved, surprising.

But before thinking of 2014 and what new and fascinating pieces of technology it will bring, let’s review 10 of the most interesting gadgets on the market today.

Motorola Moto X

The advertising campaign of Moto X generated a lot of excitement and started long before it was officially announced. One interesting feature of this smartphone is that the buyers can customise it as they like. In reality, the only things customisable were the aesthetics of the device and the storage capacity, from 16 GB to 32 GB. But this is still no small feat and Motorola became a trailblazer for customisable gadgets. After the release of Moto X, Motorola started the collaboration with Phonebloks, a Dutch concept for creating smartphones from modular parts, just like Lego bricks, promising full customisation possibility for its customers. So because its innovative spirit and pioneering efforts, we’ve added Moto X to our list.


LG G Flex

With this smartphone, LG opened the path for new promising technologies for our gadgets and we are sure we’ll see them implemented in more phones in 2014. First of all, the G Flex has a curved screen and that brings good news for the durability of the device. The screen is made from OLED plastic, is thinner than on other smartphones on the market and so durable that you can flatten it out on a table and still work and not crack. Also, the back coating of the phone is improved, so no more worries about the keys messing it up in your pockets, but is still not scratch free.


Samsung Galaxy Gear

In 2013, Samsung rolled out this amazing small and square touch screen watch. It is capable of running apps, handling voice calls and text messages, taking pictures and shooting videos, plus it actually tells us the time. But it is a first generation device and like all the first versions, it has some flaws. The major flaw in our opinion is that it only works with Samsung devices. Next, it lacks some must have apps, it’s quite expensive and, for a watch, it’s pretty big.


Leap Motion Controller

This is a very sensible motion sensor for laptops. The Leap Motion Controller is just a bit bigger than a USB flash drive and it allows the user to control their computers with hand motions, like navigating around the desktop or play games. We’ve added this device to our list, mostly because it is an amazing technical innovation rather than a practical use for home or office workstations or laptops. Maybe in the near future we will have more apps will be compatible with the Leap Motion Controller. Here is a very good review from Engadget:


Nokia Lumia 1020

Even thou it did not have one of the greatest releases, the Lumia 1020 is an impressive smartphone. It has top of the line specs that includes a 720p HD 4.5 inch screen and a 41 megapixel high resolution camera. The Lumia 1021 is running a Windows operating system that when it was release was missing a lot of important apps. Because of this, today, Nokia lowered the price of the phone and included Instagram, Vine and Waze, making the device more competitive on the market and, in fact, one of the best smartphones if photos are one of your priorities.


Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One

2013 was the seven years mark for the release of new video games consoles and both Sony and Microsoft launched their products. Both are offering 500 GB storage, but they have different approaches in the market. Sony is chasing the hard-core gamers, providing easy video share of them while playing games, while Microsoft desires to make the Xbox One the piece of resistance of the users’ home theatres. Activated by voice command, the Xbox One can control the entertaining systems and can load specific user profiles and preferences with the Kinect motion sensor device. Both systems are pretty much the same regarding specs so it all comes down to personal preferences.


Google Chromecast

This is a digital TV receiver like Roku or Apple TV, which comes with a lower prices and a smaller package. You can plug-it into your TV’s HDMI outlet and display the content of your smartphone, laptop, tablet or personal computer through a Wi-Fi connection. You can also use Cromecast Netflix, YouTube or different Google services and online subscription services like HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Pandora and other.


Apple iPad Air

In 2013, Apple focused more on evolutionary improvements, most of them marginal, and did not come with something truly innovative. But the iPad Air, the fifth generation of iPads is quite remarkable. This is a thinner, lighter and sleeker version of the popular tablet. It weights exactly a pound and it’s fitted with the new A7 64 bit chip, a great combination for gaming and not only.


Google Glasses

This high tech eye wear has not yet been released to the public but there is a lot of public attention focused on it. And even thou it is an expensive gadget, Google sold a few thousand items to a few selected users. Google Glasses connects, just like the smart watches, to the user’s smartphones and can play music, send messages and make voice calls, shoot pictures and record videos. If Google will put a right price on the Glass and find a better design, they will surely make a huge consumer hit on the gadget market.