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  August 10, 2015

Wristband USBs, the Perfect Choice for Students

branded wristband

Today, the wristband USB is quite common with kids and teens. These coloured rubber wrist bands are the best way or one of the greatest ways to promote your brand in the youth segment of your targeted market audience. Because it comes in various colours and it can be pantone matched with your company’s logo or theme, the USB Wristband is a very much loved accessory and useful item, for any kid or teen when used as a promotional giveaway. This stick is a combination of fashion and functionality, it is very small, portable and lightweight, making it easy to use and move around with. Just like the regular branded USB flash drives are a hot promotional item for the corporate segment, the toughened rubber USB Wristband will bring a smile on the faces of children, teens and even adults, it will provide the opportunity to access digital data instantly, making it a very useful product for the receiver and in return it will be promoting your brand or your company’s image in every market segment. Many companies tend to overlook this market segment, the youth segment, but it can provide a lot of revenues to your business.

As the USB memory drives are a very popular storing device and people are carrying them at work, when they meet their friends or family, or at other occasions, the sticks, with their portable, functional and universal appeal, make sure that everyone’s digital data is always safe at the their wrist, or at their children’s wrist. Making them giveaways for kids or teens, the USB Wristbands will not only store your brand name or your logo on their minds and on people they interact with, but will also help them transfer and share their own information, or work on their homework.

Promotional USB flash drives

Just like other promotional USB flash drives, the USB Wristbands will add more value to your marketing or advertising campaign, because they are so appreciated by youth, and have the same costs to imprint and produce, sometimes even cheaper. In addition, using the preload digital data service, a company could load on them some creative promotional multimedia presentations or other creative promotional materials more suited to kids or teens, content that will make them understand better your business and your products or services.

Beside the functional benefits offered by the stick, this great promotional item is an extremely powerful and effective product to build your marketing and advertising campaign with. It provides an effective way of carrying important digital data in a safe manner for everyone, but to children and teens especially. With the stick, you cannot go wrong for sure, as a youth promotional USB product.

The wristband USB Flash Drive is a great idea for young people that are always on the move. In the Smartphone era, having easy access to all your files and information on the go in a hands-free device is a great advantage. While USB sticks can get lost, with this great innovative design, you never have to worry about losing your data; you can just carry it wrapped around your risk.

The flash drives are made of toughened rubber and can be purchased in a variety of colours of your choice. The rubberized band also serves an important role in protecting the USB drive. They are ideal for advertising, since they provide a large print area and you can add your slogan or message across. The fact that the bracelet can be carried around all the time means more visibility for your brand, and you can also preload any promotional material of your choice on the flash drive. The USB Bracelets can be useful for all young audiences, and they can be personalised to look great as well. Music festivals, school events, museums, you name it, all kinds of events can benefit from this innovative way to access technology. Here are some of the most common uses for this cool device:

The wristband USB Flash drives for schools and universities

Wristband USB and USB bracelets resonate with younger people and are great for schools especially if they match the schools house colours, personalised with a logo or a meaningful message. Students always need easy access to their digital files when they’re on the go, so why not make access stylish, too?

USB wristband for Music festivals

The wristband USB Flash Drive is great for music events, festivals or cultural events since it can be pre-load with music, videos or any other promotional material, so they can become great souvenirs from music festivals. Made form resistant and splash proof materials, they can be perfect to carry your favourite music wherever you go.

USB wristband for conferences and seminars

The USB wristbands are a great tool for conferences, too. Both conference and seminar organisers can load promotional materials and presentations on the wristband USB drive for the participants to take away. But the creative uses of the sticks as a marketing tool don’t stop here! As a matter of fact, the bracelet flash drives are perfect as a souvenir for any kind of group event where information can be shared.

USB Wristbands are the ideal promotional products for fundraiser events or showing support for a specific cause, products that increase awareness of your business or activity in the same time. Also, they are great branded items for sport teams, camping, concerts or other such events, as they are very resistant rubber bracelets, made from 100% high quality silicone rubber. Usually, at all these events souvenirs like pens and key rings are provided, but if you want to send a more meaningful message, the stick will do the job perfectly.

USB Wristband composition and texture

Because they are made from 100% latex free silicon, the sticks have a very flexible texture, which makes them very resistant and durable products. The colours can be extremely various, since the manufacturing material offers this possibility and they can even be pantone matched with any company’s logo or theme colours. At last, but not least, they can bear a creative message, usually using the screen printing, but other methods of imprinting are also available. Medical USB Wristband

Silicone USB Wristbands

These silicone sticks can carry any digital data that can be found on a computer, like music, photos, videos or any other files you may think of, all the information that can help the promotional event of a company. Professional or amateur photographers can store and share photos with their clients or friends and used in schools or universities, the stick can help students store and access their homework or projects. Musicians can make these bracelets as gift for their fans, bracelets that can contain their music, videos, photos or lyrics.

Corporate businesses also use the USB Wristband for different types of presentations or their annual reports and prospectus, as informational materials for their clients. They are also used for carrying product catalogues, to save the costs of paper and prints.

The uses of the Wristband USB are very various. For non-profit organisations to international companies, this product can become a fun and cool giveaway that will increase the awareness of that certain business or activity.