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  November 28, 2013

Windows 8 Operating System on a USB Stick

windows8 ona  usb stick

Technology was changed for the best by the tiny USB flash drives, but in reality, these devices made even the CD or DVD drives obsolete. USB memory drives are not only storage mediums, the can be devices that can carry your operating system, making it as portable as they are. You can make these devices boot up your Windows or Linux copy on any desktop, laptop or notebook that has the minimum hardware requirements for that specific operating system. Also, the memory capacity is no longer a problem for them, as on the market you can find reasonably priced USB flash drives with 8GB and more, depending on your needs.

Portable Windows

The concept of portable Windows is no longer a big fuss. Many of you may know exactly what I’m talking about, many of you may have heard of this method and I’m sure not so many of you haven’t heard at least once about the mobility of almost any operating system. By making your USB flash drive bootable, you will no longer need a desktop or a laptop to access your digital data. This will allow you to use your Windows desktop from almost any computer that has an USB port and the minimal hardware capacity to run Windows 8. Just plug your USB memory drive in and you are ready to go.

Windows To Go

Many bootable USB devices use ‘Windows To Go’ enterprise feature of Windows 8, making you USB flash drive a fully portable desktop that can fit your pockets, your hand bag or even your wallet. The interesting feature of this version of Windows, is that when your device is removed from the USB port, all services and applications are suspended, but can be resumed once you plug it back in.

As I’ve told you before, this concept is not new and it actually does not bring any innovations. You can make your own bootable USB flash drive if you have the knowledge or you can find them on the market at decent prices. Basically, your USB memory drive is made to function just like a regular hard drive, but with the major advantage that it is portable. The only aspect you have to consider is that your device can be hacked easily, any determined individual can steal your data will little effort. That’s why I would recommend a third-party password protection to be installed on it or on any other portable storing devices.

Install Windows 8 using a Flash DriveBefore you boot your Windows 8 USB stick, make sure you changed in the system’s BIOS the boot settings. The USB port must have boot priority over any other devices, like hard drive, optical unit or network adapter.

Another aspect worth to be looked at is the speed of the USB memory drive and the one of the port on the host system. The 3.0 version of USB is highly recommended, as it has high enough speed to satisfy almost any needs. With the more common USB 2.0, expect much lower loading and working performances.


Install Windows 8 from USB