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  September 21, 2015

Use USB Custom Drives For A Creative Marketing Campaign


While using USB sticks to promote your business is not quite a new trend, there are still new trends and designs that can help your business stand out with the aid of personalized USB sticks.

While in the beginning, when USB sticks first appeared, they barely had more memory than a floppy disk, nowadays 8 GB memory sticks are quite common. While the memory capacity is sufficient and does not represent a problem any more, in the last years the battle between USB sticks has been all about design. There have been a lot of innovations in the design of USB sticks, to make them be as resilient, practical, small and creative as can be, while still offering companies the possibility to add their promotional printing in order to promote their business.

All companies want to offer unique, creative, funny and unconventional USB flash drives that will stand out from the crowd. Your partners, employees or customers will be amazed to see such a cute and unconventional promotional gift, so you can’t go wrong with the USB People design.

Kids and young audiences will love the design and the fact that they can carry all their most important data with them inside a tinny, toy-like person. If you choose so, you can preload any promotional data to your new USB sticks, to make your business even more appealing.

USB People

One such design idea is represented by the USB People, a new and creative USB stick design, perfect to promote your business in a unique way. The funny USB Person’s head reveals the familiar USB socket, and the sight of a tiny person embedded in a PC or laptop will always be attractive and funny.

The cool unique characteristic of USB people is the ability to personalise them as you wish. The USB people come in a variety of different colours, forms and styles, so you can choose a design that matches your business; A range of pre-designed characters are available for you to choose from, and they can also be branded with your logo. Whether you choose a worker, a footballer, a rugby player, a dentist, a banker, a student or even a rockstar, all people USB sticks are really funny and unique. Also, just like the USB Bespoke, the USB People can be crafted from scratch from your own design and they can bring life to your ideas and your company’s logo.

Made from ABS, PC or PVC, the People USB are available in various colours and sizes, and the memory capacity ranges from 64MB to a massive 16GB. Try out one of these funny and unique USB sticks and bring your ideas to life.

If you read the headline then you probably did a double take. No, you’re not looking at a keying error. Some of the newest, most innovative USB flash drives are beginning to take on new persona, from a friendly doctor to a savvy businessman.

Looking a bit like a Lego creation, these the cute little characters not only offer additional storage in a super small package, but further your branding by creating a memorable promotional product that keeps you top of mind with your clients.

The USB People drives range in size from 512 MB all the way up to 8 gigs and are fully USB 2.0 compliant. They work great on any computer system, including all the various incarnations of Windows and Mac.

If you’re in the medical profession or in business, you can order stock versions of the USB People and have your logo or message imprinted on them. Stock versions include a businessperson, doctor, nurse and dentist.

If you’re looking for something custom, that’s entirely possible too. Imagine USB People flash drives that are sports teams, construction workers, delivery people or any number of other highly recognisable characters. You can even mix and match them, creating entire teams of USB People, ready to provide your customers and employees with handy, portable and virtually indestructible storage.

One of the great things about USB People drives is that they are highly collectible and highly prized by those lucky enough to receive one. Don’t be too surprised if you find these smart promotional products gracing the offices, cubicles and work areas of your customers. They can provide you with the competitive advantage you need to make your brand memorable in a very crowded marketplace.

USB People is just one of the many new innovations in USB flash drive designs and it is certainly one of the most creative. Depending on the model you select, users either remove the cover on the feet or the head to expose the USB 2.0 port, which can be docked right into your computer, a keyboard with USB connectivity or a USB hub.

If you think the engineering of these drives isn’t top notch, think again. Inside these USB People drives is the same high quality components found in any USB flash drive today. They will continue to operate in virtually any climate or condition. There’s even an LED light to let you know when the drive is transferring data and the drives stand up on their own two feet, literally.

One of the great things about these USB People flash drives is they can show off your company’s sense of humour and sense of fun. This is perfect for medical practitioners and law firms, where the actual work is very serious. The drives show you have a lighter side that goes beyond the visits to the office.

How can you use them to drive business or promote your brand? For example, you can use the nurse version as a give-away during Nurses Appreciation Week or use the doctors to promote a new health program or service. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

At 7.5cm tall, they fit in just about any pocket yet aren’t so small that you could possibly misplace them. After all, compared to a bland, basic USB flash drive, a small doctor, nurse or other professional is pretty hard to misplace on a desk, purse or counter.

One of the great things is that even a custom design has a relatively low minimum order. Depending on the company, you can order as few as 250 pieces in order to get a custom design in your choice of colours and professions. For stock designs, the quantity is even lower, often just 50 units.

Add some new staff to your workforce in the guise of USB People and watch your customers clamour to collect their favourites with one of the most innovative promotional product ideas to come along in some time.

You can find a lot of promotional USB sticks in our portfolio and many are selected from the most popular or requested models available at our partner manufacturing companies. But we know that there are businesses or learning institutions looking for unique merchandising, products which can only be built by them or by commissioning a bespoke USB design.


If you are thinking of building your own designs, we can help you with the internal components of the device, like the controller chips, the capacitor, the core USB flash memory and the USB connector. In practice, it is extremely complicated. The only thing you have to think about is the shell design of your end product, as all the core components come on a single PCB that has a uniform shape and size.

If the components are used in a school project or competition, if you’d like, we could take the best design into production and supply the entire school with that specific branded model of USB stick. Also, if the product has a wider commercial interest, we could even jointly develop the design and market it, so the school could benefit from the royalties on the sales.

Instead, if you want us to create a design for your brand, something based on our already existing products or maybe in the shape of your logo or something else that you think that represents your business, there’s no problem. We are up to the task!

Simply send us your basic idea or some photos of one of your products. We can shape an idea from your website or your product sheets, so if you don’t have a more detailed drawing or CAD files, don’t worry about it.

Either for building your own branded USB flash drive or you want us to help you shape your ideas, contact us and speak with one of the members of our great team. All the contact details can be found on our website.

We’d love to hear from you and develop together your unique and attractive branded USB stick.


The personalised USB flash drives are a money saver

Instead of spending a significant amount on ink, toner, paper, bindings, not to mention the printer or copier attrition, you can just pre-load your message, manuals, brochures, different forms and reports, or any other important materials. Also if you use the branded USB flash drives for in house usage, for your employees, you can pre-load the devices with policy and procedural manuals, workers comp forms, expense or reimbursement reports, or other materials that are usually printed and save some money in return.

Another idea could be to pre-load the personalised USB flash drives with an auto-run website link. So when your customer plugs-in the device, he or she, will be automatically directed to your company website or any other web domain.  This can increase you domain traffic and the chance of making sales. Also, specific programs can be run automatically when the promotional USB memory drive is plugged-in.

Instead of using printed catalogues or brochures, a lot of firms are opting for the digital format, since the production costs are reduced. And since the personalised USB flash drives are weighting less than any catalogues, the expenses of mailing them to you customers are much lower. Also, you increase the time that your consumer or potential consumer may use your materials.

white and green minicartoon custom usb memory drivesWith the promotional USB flash drives, you will have a smart and eco-friendly approach. Helping to protect our planet and embracing this revolution of doing business, many people a higher interest in your brand, products and services, since this attribute is sought for any business these days. Also, cutting back on expenses such as paper and ink, as their prices are going up, will help increase your company’s funds for other segments and combat the inflation.

One thing you should consider, when you purchase promotional USB flash drives, is the quality of these marketing products. No company wants their brand exposed on products that fail after a short period of time. But you don’t have to acquire the most expensive USB memory drive, but one that has a lifetime warranty. To make sure that you purchase the right product for your business, talk to the promotional products marketing consultant to help you in this matter.