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  June 26, 2014

How to Use the Mini USB Drive in Your Business


Flash drive USB’s have been with us since the late ‘90’s, and their size and shape got more and more creative with every year. Until then, we could only carry our data with CD’s, so the small USB sticks began to be very popular. Since then, sizes got smaller and smaller, and now we can use the smallest size USB flash drive, the mini USB stick.

Being so small and easy to carry, the Mini USB stick is one of the most popular, efficient and convenient USB sticks available. It’s one of the smallest USB devices out there, and the flash drive can slide, to prevent damage to your data without using a cap that may get lost. The small and simple design doesn’t make these cute devices less attractive, since they are made of quality materials and are available in a number of vivid and playful colours. So let’s take a look at how you can use the mini USB drive in your business.

You can use the mini square USB as a training tool for your employees. This way, every new employee will receive a USB flash drive with all the training materials he needs to know. You could also send him the materials by e-mail, but by giving him a USB flash drive he can actually use later to keep his important files and folders you will become more popular and start a business relationship with the right attitude. Also, with the cute design of the mini USB and a key ring, you can make sure all the documents he needs, will be in one place.

Also, you should consider using the mini USB flash drives instead of the classical, printed business catalogue. If you brand the mini USB, you can have a walking advertisement for your business.

Giving USB sticks away to your customers or potential customers could also be a great idea to promote your business and gain more clients. There are a number of creative ways you can use the mini USB sticks to promote your business, depending to the type of business you own and the target audience.

With their innovative and simple design, the mini USB sticks are among the most easy to use USB sticks, and every business can benefit from using them as marketing tools. They are great devices for storing and transferring data, and promoting your business among customers, fans, partners or employees is a great bonus.