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  July 23, 2014

Why USBs are a great staff boost


First day of work

The first day of a new job can often be a whirlwind, it involves a lot of listening and there’s a load to remember. But have you ever thought of providing your staff with a specially designed and branded USB flash drive with all the important information already stored onto it? Useful things to include could be:

  • A staff list with names, job titles, office numbers, photos, and contact information
  • A copy of their contract
  • Building and site maps
  • Important web links
  • Required reading
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Health plan information

The possibilities are endless. New members of staff will feel comfortable and knowledgeable about their new role. Our USB flash drives are highly valued and have a long life expectancy meaning that valuable information is not easily lost or corrupted.

What’s more – our USB drives can be preloaded with any information that you may wish for from Powerpoint presentations and software to catalogues and flash presentations.


…current members of staff too


It’s not just new members of staff that could benefit from a personalised USB flash drive. Having different devices for work and pleasure is important. A device can be corrupted or easily lost. If staff are using their USB to swap music and films with friends many nasty bugs and viruses can find their way onto it.

This can result in the corruption of important work-related files, which is not what any boss is going to want to hear.

With a personalised company logo on their USB drive, staff will always be reminded that they should be separating their work and their personal files. So they’ll think twice about taking all of their work to a party or a friend’s house. Providing a ‘work only’ USB flash drive will go a long way to stop this from happening.

Everybody likes a free gift

Who doesn’t like a free gift from now and then? Hand-out your uniquely designed USBs to your staff and you can bet that your staff will be happy to take it and use it. Choosing a branded USB will also act as a constant reminder of the company they are working for.

The thought will be appreciated by the company’s staff, showing them that they are valued members of the company.

A USB drive is more than a branded keyring!

Sure, the branded keyring was a good way of getting across a message, but it performs a pretty boring and one-dimensional task – holding keys. The USB on the other hand performs lots of extremely useful tasks which need to be performed multiple times a day.

Members of staff – new and existing – will have a genuine use for their personalised USB drives. From storing all their important work files and being able to take them home or on the road, to being able to share work easily with their co-workers. We only sell high quality products with long-lasting lives.

For these reasons personalised USB drives are a great way to give your staff a boost. For more information about what order would suit you best contact our sales team.