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  July 11, 2008

USB Web Button: Your site at the push of a button!




What is it?

The USB Web Button is a round button, 6CM in diameter. When connected to a USB Port and pressed, it launches a pre-defined website. It can also be used to launch a specific application, as long as it is installed on all computers.

How can you use it?

The Webpage:

One possibility is to have it link to your homepage. Better yet, why not have it link to an exclusive promotion only available to those with the web buttons? Better still, why not have that link show new, updated offers once a month, encouraging people to bookmark the link or keep the button lying around?

The Program:

Does everyone log in from a workstation fed from a single server? Or are all PCs in your office/school made equally? Have a program that everyone has to open regularly, such as a data input program or office suite? Instead of running www.yourpage.com the button can also run yourprogram.exe.

The Portal:

Have a staff/student portal?
A customer relations management tool? Maybe even a central login page?
Why not have the button open it for you?


So you’ve employed the best minds in the business, came up with a brilliant idea, shot the video, uploaded it to YouTube, and nothing. No-one’s noticed it. It hasn’t spread. It isn’t making your product the talk of town. Why not scatter USB Buttons around the town, linking to the YouTube video, the front page of the publicity-gaining viral game or whatever it is your top marketing agents have come up with?

Please contact us for a free visual and quote on the USB Web Button.