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  August 22, 2015

USB Pens – The Ideal Choice For Writers


The writing pen is one of the most popular promotional products of all time. Personalised promotional pens have been given away in all shapes and sizes, and the fact that everybody needs a pen from time to time helped them become a great marketing tool. Everybody uses pens, so they are always a great choice if you are trying to promote your business; you can’t go wring by choosing to print your logo on a pen to give it away during your marketing campaigns.

If you choose to promote your business by giving away personalised promotional pens, the trick is to know how much you have to invest in order to achieve great results, without ending up with a whole in your budget. If you choose a really cheap model, you will save some money, but you won’t be able to make a good impression on the long run, and your promotional products will end up lost or forgotten.

Branded USB Pen

One new and great follower of the promotional branded pens are the USB pen drives. This revolutionary product works just like a pen, but it has a USB drive built in. It’s available in more sizes and colours, and it’s a great way to combine the functionality of the traditional pen and the modern USB flash drive. Even if it’s a relatively new product, it has already become one of the most successful models. By combining the qualities of the pen and the new technology, it can be a great gift for any kind of target audience.

You might think this addition will increase the price of your branded pens, but the truth is that the branded memory sticks are much cheaper now then a few years ago, and also the minimum order quantities have fallen to as low as 50 prices.

Unlike on a simple pen, on a branded USB pen you can preload your company’s data, catalogue or any other product information you might find relevant to promote your products or services.

Also, the USB pens are a great gift since they can be used to take notes as well as carrying important files and folders. Rather then opting for a traditional pen, you should consider buying a USB pen; it is cheaper then you think, and it can make a great impression on your business partners, customers or employees. Also, there is something about the products that offer more that they appear that will always be appealing. The USB pens are great little gadgets that can attract everybody’s attention, and if they are branded with your company’s logo, they will make people remember your brand.

The promotional marketing campaigns which are usually made by a business, corporate or organization are a full part in increasing the profitability, productivity and performance of the business as a whole. The business growth and survival are depending on the satisfaction that they are able to give to its target clients.

To accomplish this, various methods have been adopted by the businesses to reach their target customers and increase their brand exposure. One such gadget is the wooden USB drive which is considered to be an excellent option. The price is low and reasonable in comparison with other USB flash drives and this product is greatly appreciated by the customers when used as gift. In addition to wooden USB drives, there is another USB memory stick which has proven to be a great promotional and useful device to increase businesses exposure.  This is the leather USB drive which looks stylish and it is very practical in the same time. All USB sticks come in a variety of models and shapes being in the same time great quality products with 5 years warranty.

USB pen drives

USB pen drives have become a great item that’s has been used as a gift in the business sector to get more benefits and attract the prospective clients. The USB pen drive is a highly usable gadget that can store information and facilitates the retrieval of information from the computer. The customers can be lucky enough to receive this item as a gift. The USB pen drive is seen by the users as a very trendy and practical item, and it is very well perceived by the target customers.
There are certain things that you should keep in mind while using the drive pens as promotional gift items. The memory size and chip quality are the most important features to consider. The memory size of the pen USB drives range from 1 to 32GB. You should always think before you buy an USB pen drive. Buying pen drives with too less memory leads to customer dissatisfaction and your brand will be soon forgotten Buying too much might end up very costly. It is always advisable to choose somewhere between a 4GB and 16GB.

With the increasing competition amongst businesses of the same niche to increase their exposure and customer value, also the use of pen USB drives as promotional gifts also increased. There is no doubt in the fact that customers are the main reason for the growth and success of every business.

Therefore, it is very important to use the best promotional products that are attracting the target customers and keep them in your business, so that you can earn profits and increase your brand exposure in the competitive environment.

USB Pens are an uncommon presence in the promotional market, but they are unique, useful and effective giveaways for any business that is looking to get an increase in brand awareness. Just like the regular USB flash drives, the USB Pens can store digital data and keep it right in the hand of the receiver. Today, we all rely on information and communication, so mixing the old writing methods with the new ones comes only natural, both ways fitted together in one amazing storing unit that can be carried in our pockets. Even thou the USB Pens are a bit larger than the standard USB flash drives, because they have an actual pen incorporated in them, but this is a big plus. They have a more generous surface to imprint or engrave your company name, logo or other contact information.

As stated before, the USB Pens are bringing together the old and the new, the most commonly used business methods of interaction, the digital storage and the written communication. This mix makes you promotional USB Pen an elegant, useful and much appreciated gift for any receiver. With this visually attractive, functional and convenient item, your customers or other receivers, can write their reports and keep all their necessary digital materials stored in one place, your branded USB Pen.

Promoting your brand, your services or products with the USB Pens will give statements like “We want to offer a helping hand”, “We would like to continue working with you”, “We appreciate your business and our partnership” or “You want to be quick and sloppy or quick and efficient?”. These extremely effective and functional promotional items will show your customers your appreciation and your willingness to help them manage their time better.

Using promotional giveaways

Even thou some USB Pens can be a little more expensive than a standard ballpoint pen, they are worth it. They will never run out of usefulness. If it does not write anymore, it will still work great as a digital storage device, will look smart and will still be handy. Your customers will hold onto your branded USB Pen for many years, increasing your business awareness all this time. Being an important part of digital data transfer, backup and sharing, your promotional giveaway will make your logo or contact information visible.

So, when you consider using promotional giveaways for your marketing or advertising campaigns don’t overlook the USB Pens, as they might be one of the best moves you can make. Customising them is quite easy, since they come in a large variety of colours and storage sizes and they can greatly benefit from custom made packaging and the preloading data service.

Start growing your client base with the help of this amazing promotional items, just pick your favourite one from our selection.