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  April 16, 2015

The USB Charger that Can Make Any Standard Home Outlet USB Compatible


Millions of people all around the globe face a similar problem each day: wasting a lot of time looking for an USB charger on crowded desks, in drawers full of papers and other documents, or basically everywhere else around the house or office. If you are one of them, you might want to check out SnapPower. We are talking about a cover plate USB charger that is capable of making any standard outlet you can think of compatible with USB.

SnapPower was created by Jeremy Smith (from www.snappower.com). This incredibly powerful 1amp cover plate USB charger is able to charge any USB device, starting with cell phones and ending with cameras, tablets, hotspots, speakers, wearables and many other gadgets you may own. And what makes this USB charger even more fantastic is its design, which perfectly blends in with virtually any type of home décor.

Jeremy Smith placed SnapPower on Kickstarter.com for crowd funding and, in a matter of just a couple of days, the device gained a huge amount of backers.


What to expect from SnapPower

SnapPower USB Chargers are very easy to install in any standard outlet around your house, freeing you from the hassle of batteries or wirings. If, for example, you decide to rent your house and move out, all you have to do is reinstall the original cover and take your SnapPower USB Chargers with you to your new home.

If you wish to install your device, make sure to turn off the outlet’s power. Then simply remove the cover plate and place your charger over the outlet. Once you have done so, make sure to secure the screws and you are ready to start charging your favourite gadgets. The USB outlet can be found on the cover plate’s lower right side.

According to the creator of this device, SnapPower is compatible with both decor outlets that feature exposed screw terminals and standard duplex. However, the device is not suitable for ground fault circuit interrupters, a type of outlets that can usually be found in bathrooms.

Under normal use, SnapPower can last for over 10 years. What’s more, the device was designed to work with gadgets manufactured by Nokia, Apple, Samsung, and many other gadgets that make use of standard USB.

USB SnapPower operates at 100-120 volts and it is compatible with outlets that feature standard side screw terminals. This innovative USB charger will be available in ivory, white, and light almond. The backers of the device will more than likely be able to enjoy it in August this year.


Though only $35,000 were actually needed, the funding for this project has already reached $550,000 and the device counts on the support of 13,000 users from all over the world.

If you wish to become an early backer of this device and get it before it actually hits the market, you can visit the Snap Power website for further details.