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  December 30, 2013

USB Caps – Protecting your digital storage device

usb-capsIf often happens that we only realise how important is what we possess, when we’ve misplaced or lost that particular individual, object or data. Something similar is happening with the files that we have on our USB flash drives, as we do not fully realise the importance of the USB caps. These small storage devices may hold important files, sensitive data or personal information, which without backup, can prove to be priceless. Because of this, you can consider the USB caps as guardians of your data, not only as just another object attached to your USB memory drive, with its particular form, shape and specific function.

There are many different USB sticks designs and some of them don’t have a cap, but a sliding USB connector instead. These types of retractable devices may be a tempting option for the regular thumb drives, but in the long run, they may prove to be more vulnerable, mainly because of this feature. This makes the highlighting of the regular USB flash drives, the ones with caps, even more important, but the significance of the USB cap is still dawning upon many users. And with the increasing size in memory capacity of these storing devices, the sleek sliding designs may become their own Achilles’ heel.

transcend-jetflashThe owners of the regular USB memory drives, that don’t care too much about the USB caps of their storing devices, should think that the USB sticks are not regular electronic devices that can be, in some way, repaired or mended without much ado. If they succumb under unexpected circumstances, it is not easy to get back the lost data or it may be even impossible. The dirt and dust from the environment, apart from structural damages, are one of the biggest enemies of the delicate USB connectors. They are the main contributors to the USB flash drives’ failures and they create data recovery costs, if this is still a possibility.


USB caps are there not only for looks or for design. Their function is crucial in protecting your USB flash drive, in protecting your digital data, sometimes invaluable in our professional and personal lives.

So remember, after usage, put the cap on.