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  October 15, 2013

U3 Technology in USB Pen Drives

U3 technologyFor everyone that requires large digital data storage or to share their digital multimedia, the U3 technology USB Pen Drives provides just that. These small and versatile devices ensure that your digital data is stored safely and they offer many new remarkable technical features useful for any business people, students or other categories of users. Beside their purpose of storing data, features like Safety System, Ready Boost Technology, U3 Technology and other.

U3 technology

We will discuss a little about the less known U3 technology in USB pen drives. This technology is more oriented to applications, rather than on the physical aspect of the USB pen drives. It is a platform designed specifically for smart drives, convenient and extremely useful if the user carries sensitive data. If you frequent access or transfer important digital data, the U3 technology in USB pen drives is what you should look for.

Developed in 2009, by the well known SanDisk and M-Systems, the technology was innovative and the USB smart dives able to carry whole computing operations, making this proactive digital platform for smart drives even more popular in the USB devices market.

The U3 application is becoming more and more spread and allows a versatile usage for any industry or independent customer. The U3 technology in USB pen drives not only stores your confidential data in a highly secured manner, but also allows you to carry and access it on any computer you plug-in your USB smart drive, regardless of its operating system. The U3 platform also includes different Windows-like applications software that enables you to access and work with your digital data in a convenient way or to show and let you modify your personal settings.

The personal settings interface is quite remarkable. Interactively, it allows you to customise the U3 interface with your favourite preferences, to do windows integration, send e-mails while searching on Google, any may more.

U3 technology platform in Pen Drives

USB Pen Drive with U3The U3 technology platform comes with the pen drive, so when you first insert the smart drive into its USB slot, it will open the U3 Launchpad. Through this Windows program manager or interface manager, if you’d like, you can access a lot more other applications and will guide you through the preinstalled software in order to maintain your personal U3 workstation. The U3 technology in USB pen drives also has applications programming interfaces which allow U3 programs, low-level access to the USB flash drive, and developers, to control how their applications handles things like device removal and saves data back to the drive such as configuration or documents.

On your personal U3 workstation you can modify the settings of your wallpaper, e-mail, multimedia files, web browser, folders and much more. Also regarding your U3 software applications, you can consider RoboForm2Go, as a password protection application, Zinio, electronic magazine reader, Skype, for communication, ACDSee, as photo management software, CruzerSync, for file synchronisation, or other applications that can be downloaded from the U3 website and other places. These programs are specifically designed for the U3 technology in pen drives, so they do not need to be installed on your personal computer, laptop or notebook.

But before purchasing your personal U3 smart drive, ensure that the device is fully compatible with your computer system and that it has enough room for additional applications.

U3 Demo