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  August 8, 2015

Twister USB The most popular USB Stick



The Twister USB Drive is one of the most popular USB stick models you can possible buy, thanks to its innovative, robust and handy design. You might know them as rotator or swivel USB sticks, since they have twistable swivel cover which protects the USB connector and stays attached even while the stick is used, so it can’t get lost.

Innovative design

As technology evolves, we are able to stock more information on smaller and smaller devices; but a small size on its own is not the most important quality of a USB stick, because, let’s face it, most of the times, USB sticks end up being lost, broken or forgotten somewhere at the bottom of a drawer. It also takes an innovative, robust and handy design to make the perfect USB stick – one that you can carry around any time, without fearing it will break or you might loose it.

Personalised Twister USB

While other USB sticks come with a small cap that always gets lost, the Twister USB comes with an aluminum clip that can be swirled to protect the USB stick. The rubber body and the aluminum clip make it one of the most robust and tough products you can buy. The aluminum clip that replaces the cap comes really handy; it’s impossible to lose it, it looks great and can also be personalised with your company’s Logo, making it a great gift for your partners or employees. The metal clip can be branded, engraved or printed on both sides.

Size and Accessories

The 55 x 16 x 9 mm stick also comes with a Lanyard and a key ring, so you can keep it with your keys all the time. It comes in a great variety of colors, and it’s also available in any pantone tone, so you can match the rubber body to your company’s colors or Logo.

Technical specifications

The Twister USB is available in various capacities: 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB. The Twister USB Drive ranges up to a massive 16 GB, allowing you to keep your most important data files with you all the time. The flash drive hass a high speed USB 2.0 Certified port to provide great speed at data transfer, while being compatible with USB 1.1. The drive provides average speeds of 3-8 MB/Sec for writing and 8-15MB/Sec for reading, and needs no external power.

Printing Options

The most popular USB stick, the twister USB, is really small and easy to use thanks to its great design. It’s a small model and has no cap to loose; it also comes in various colours and shapes. The “Twist” is the metal clip designed to protect the USB connector. This is usually made by aluminium and it usually carries the logo or the branding of the company that ordered them. The plastic body is similar to the one of other USB devices, and it is available in a very wide range of colours and shades.

Since the Twister USB became one of the most popular USB sticks around, they are also among the cheapest models you can find. Still, despite their relative cheapness, the Twister USB sticks look amazing if they are well done and if the body shell is chosen to match the branding colours.

Most of the Twister USB sticks are printed using standard techniques, but since it’s a really versatile model, there are various ways a twister can be branded. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular branding methods for the USB twister.

 Spot colour printing

With the spot colour printing, one of the most popular printing options used to brand the USB sticks, each colour is printed one at a time, and allowed to dry. The final image looks amazing and vivid, but this option is not available for more complex logos. Logos with gradients or shades, or logos that contain more then four colours are not handled well by this popular printing method.

Full colour printing

This is a slightly more expensive process, but the results are photo realistic and can handle complex images. This method is recommended if your company’s logo has a lot of shades or uses gradients, since the results are stunning.


By engraving the Twister USB sticks metal clip, the branding will have a more interesting effect. The engraved logo can then be coloured to improve it’s visibility, if desired.

Epoxy dome resin stickers

The epoxy dome resin sticker is actually a high quality full colour print that is then encased into a resin. The final effect looks amazing, and your brand’s logo stands out and gets more visibility this way. Also, the case that comes over the print can protect your printed logo and make it last longer on the USB clip.  No matter what printing method you choose, don’t forget you can also choose a matched colour on your branded USB sticks body. This way, your twister USB will be more visible and grab everybody’s attention.  Now that you know a little bit more about the printing process and the printing options you have, you can choose the best option for your printed Twister USB sticks.

With a great design and various printing options, it’s easy to see why the Twister USB sticks have rapidly become one of the most popular USB sticks of all time.

Is the USB Twister the right stick for you?

For years, people that purchased promotional USB flash drives either for businesses, schools or universities, preferred the  Twister USB Stick. The fact that it has no cap or lid to lose, plus having a wide range of colours available, made this awarded branded memory drive a perennial favourite. It seems that, unfortunately, this acquired status is about to change and not necessarily in a good way.

Companies loved this type of branded USB flash drive. With it, many promoted their businesses, products or services, and maybe because we are all getting a, let’s say, twister fatigue, this amazing design is in danger of being a victim of its great success.

Also, because of this great success, many suppliers filled their stocks with different models of the Twister, making them available even for urgent or last minute orders. This had an unexpected effect, as buyers found themselves in the situation of not being able to purchase anything else but the Twister models with last minute orders.

With the increasing needs of diversity, established suppliers improved their range of branded USB flash drives and the methods of imprinting, embossing or engraving. In addition, the lead times were improved as better deals were made with the growing number of manufacturers in the Far East.

Other USB Products

So now, it is possible to get your promotional USB sticks, branded with your logo, company name or other message, in around 7 to 10 days, which can be fast enough even for some last minute clients, and the variety of the products to choose from is much wider.

Customer with deadlines larger than two weeks, are now more discerning, they carefully choose their products and have more time to make a decision about their design and the results are very interesting and creative. The promotional USB flash drives are sending a better message as they suite the companies needs much better. Even thou the USB Twister remain a popular choice, maybe because old habits die hard, an increase in demand for other products is definitely felt, products like the USB Leather models, USB Credit Cards and other rounded or quirky shaped models.

All these other products, compared with the USB Twister, have very different features. For example, the USB Credit Card is a very thin USB flash drive, but it has a much larger imprinting space, ideal for complex graphics. Also, it can fit a regular sized wallet or other card holders. The USB Leather models are considered more top-end products. They are quite popular with professional photographers or they are gifted to high net-worth clients. While other types of branded USB flash drives are used more as a stand out from the crowd giveaways, ideal promotional products for sale fairs, trade shows or other events.

In conclusion, even thou it has been in the top sales charts, will the USB Twister lose its dominance to other memory drives or will it remain a top preferred branded USB stick?