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  December 3, 2015

The Use Of Promotional USB Sticks for Your Marketing Needs


Whether you want to hand out promotional items to all your customers or you only want to reward the loyal ones during the festive season, the wide selection available on the market nowadays might make you feel overwhelmed. Though the market offers a wide variety of promotional giveaways to choose from, it is extremely important to choose the right one: a promotional item that does not only appeal to the market your campaign is targeting, but which also promotes your business long-term, thus enhancing your brand visibility.

Branded USB sticks offer a series of benefits that will help you promote your business. First of all, USB memory drives can hold a huge amount of data. And people find them extremely useful. USB memory drives have not only grown in popularity, but also in terms of the data amount they are able to store. Instead of investing in a promotional USB memory drive with a limited storage capacity, it is wiser to spend your money on a USB stick that can reach a certain number of gigabytes. By doing so, you will make sure that your promotional item caters to your clients’ requirements and needs, thus ensuring that they are actually going to use it on a regular basis. Your clients will promote your business daily.

The next thing to keep in mind about promotional USB memory drives is their portability, which is a benefit in its own right. Nowadays, we all rely on mobile devices. However, not all of us feel comfortable using cloud storage for our important documents and files. What’s more, not all the gadgets are 3G or 4G compatible. And this means that, if your clients are using cloud storage, they will first need to find a reliable Wi-Fi connection to access their data. Now, with a USB stick, they will be able to carry their data around, wherever they go, and access it instantly, with confidence, with or without an Internet connection.

In addition, these items are an effective marketing tool that will allow you to promote your company on a regular basis. All you have to do is to invest in a promotional item that you know for sure that your clients will leave on their work desks. This basically means that each person who approaches the desk will see your name. And, the more they get to see your name, the higher are your chances for them to remember it. When they need a service or product that your business provides, your company is likely to be the first one they think of.

It is a proven fact that most customers who are gifted a promotional USB memory stick will eventually engage with the business they’ve got the stick from. Additionally, up to 90% of the clients who are given these promotional items will get to use them at some point and appreciate their usefulness.

Promotional USB sticks make the ideal corporate gift. Instead of Christmas flyers or chocolate boxes, you can offer them a custom USB stick, a functional gadget that is guaranteed to be put at use at some point.

Keep in mind that promotional USB memory drives are available in a wide range of shapes and colours. And this allows you to choose the ones that you feel will best represent your company logo and name. Opting for a colour that enhances your logo is something definitely worth considering.

The last step is to make sure to negotiate prices and ensure that you purchase the best quality products within your available marketing budget. But we will have a more detailed look at all these factors further on.


Things to consider before making your final choice

Before making your final decision, there are some crucial factors you definitely need to take into consideration, thus ensuring that your clients are provided with high quality products that promote a professional image of your business.

The most important aspect to focus on when purchasing promotional USB memory drives is their quality. And we are not talking about the look of the product, but about its overall quality, both out and inside. And this implies that you should identify what type of memory chip it includes, the type of material the gadget is made of, if it is a certified product or not, and even if the cap fits properly to the gadget. There is no doubt that ensuring the best quality promotes your services and products in a positive light. You wouldn’t want to gift your clients an item that will not function or, even worse, cause problems and corrupt their files, would you?

Another important aspect is the style choice. Nowadays, there are lots of available colours and fun styles to choose from. This enables you to find the ideal match that perfectly blends in with your business colours and, at the same time, is something you know for sure that your clients won’t mind using daily and placing on their desks.  You can opt for a model that comes with a chain attached, thus enabling your customers to carry it around at all times, wherever they may go. Or maybe you can opt for a neutral colour that you know your customers won’t mind using now or in the future.

Another big deciding factor is identifying the storage capacity of your promotional USB memory drives. USB memory drives may range from a modest 64mb capacity to larger capacities of 32 GB. It is obvious that a small capacity USB stick is considerably cheaper than larger options. However, your clients may not use your promotional giveaway because it fails to offer them the convenience they need. Paying a little more for a large capacity promotional USB stick may be precisely what your clients need and may, therefore, benefit your brand. Keep in mind that, whenever your client is having a coffee in a crowded coffee shop and uses your promotional device to work on his or her digital files, you are practically getting free advertising for anyone in the shop to see. Additionally, it also ensures that your customer remembers your name whenever she or he needs to place an order for a product or service that your business provides.

It is imperative to carefully check the turnaround times for your custom promotional USB memory drives. The printing company will ask for the logo or slogan you want them to print onto the devices. They will also need to tweak it to make sure it provides the best quality and clear design. Then, your items will be printed and shipped to you. Obviously, this process implies a lot of work and a lot of time. This is why you need to make sure that your supplier has sufficient stock to speed up this tedious and time consuming process.

It is also very important to ask the printing company what printing options they can provide. You may discover that, by choosing a specific printing solution or by buying a higher volume with a specific style, might dramatically reduce your per item price.


To sum up: Are custom USB memory drives an efficient marketing tool?

The definite answer is YES. Nowadays, all businesses are up against a lot of competition. This is why many companies turn to branding specialists to help them stand out from the crowd and win over new clients. Promotional merchandising is only one of the many tools for doing this. However, it is becoming a very popular strategy for those businesses that are trying to build solid relationships with customers and associates.

Though apparently they may look highly valuable due to usefulness and design, promotional USB memory drives are actually a cost-effective method of advertising, ensuring that a company name or brand is less likely to be forgotten. While a print advertisement has a very little immediate use and it can be ignored or discarded quickly, promotional merchandising is likely to be kept for years to come.

Custom promotional USB memory drives are guaranteed to be appreciated and used for a long time. This basically means that all the initial upfront costs are likely to pay back your business many times over, especially when it comes to winning over new customers and building a positive image of your brand.

Promotional USB memory drives are also able to convey an image of professionalism and modernity when compared to much cheaper merchandising (such as pens, caps, calendars, flyers, etc.), thus enhancing any brand.

This Christmas, dare to promote your business with custom USB memory drives. You won’t regret it!