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  September 19, 2008

Taking encryption to the next level


USB Company are proud to announce that we are the first major promotional USB supplier to offer custom branded USB sticks with hardware based encryption!

We’ve offered software based encryption for a few weeks now, and it has proved fairly popular.When data’s merely confidential and best kept private, rather than potentially damaging, software based protection is perfect. It takes quite a lot to force your way through the layers of security, and with little to gain it’s unlikely anyone will bother to do so.

However, we do understand that some of you carry data on USB Sticks that is absolutely critical. Sometimes the remotest possibility of data being retrieved from a lost or stolen device is so worrying that even the best software based methods aren’t good enough. Therefore, we’re proud to announce that we’ve recently entered a partnership with a major provider of hardware-based encryption for flash drives.As a result of this, we can now offer sticks with a dedicated processor installed that looks after the encrypting of data. This protects both against hacking attempts and human error, as any data written to the drive is automatically encrypted before it’s stored to the flash memory.

Hardware based encryption is considerably more expensive than standard software based encryption, due to the fact that each stick has a processor dedicated to encrypting data. However, we are offering very competitive prices, and are currently able to offer branded sticks for their generic, off the shelf recommended retail prices.