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  January 23, 2014

Sweetest Promotional Gifts

For Valentine’s Day or other marketing event that includes children, but not only, we want to present a few “sweet” products, that can be used as promotional giveaways. These presents work very well for February 14 and beyond and make a great complement of your promotional mix. They can be used just like any other gift, for customers, prospects or employees for all the duration of the year. So make your clients remember you with something sweet.

Custom Lollipops

Lollipops with branded sticks are prefect for kids of all ages. Make sure you pick a favourite flavour or get an assortment and gift them in high traffic areas, like salons, retailers or banks.


Custom Buttermints

Everyone loves mints. These giveaways are usually grabbed in large numbers by people, either for their cars, purses or briefcases. It is a great promotional item to have at all times. Just put your logo on their packaging and fill your promotional mugs with them or distribute them in your own restaurant. Customers will appreciate them for sure.


Custom Chocolate Coins

Hmm, chocolate. Who can resist it? Imprint your logo on the packaging and/or on the chocolate coins themselves and give your customers something to remember you for.  These promotional sweet giveaways are great for business that have something to do with money, like mortgage specialists, accountants, bankers, bookkeepers, loan officers and so on. But what company doesn’t have something to do with money?


Tin of Mints

The branded tin of mints is an excellent option for the single packed mints. And, as stated before, because people love mints, the tin of mints, which bear your logo on it, will make a lovely promotional item. If you design a nice tin, it will be used for other things also, after the mints are gone, and your logo or custom message on its top will be seen many times.


Chocolate and Business Card Holder

We found on the web this very ingenious way to make a gift. Because most of time, with chocolate you can’t go wrong, this gift is even better. Once the chocolate is gone, your gift can be used as a business card holder. Your message, logo or company name will be on top of this holder and will keep spreading the word about you and your business.