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  July 29, 2022

Six Great Branded USB Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for your clients and have run out of options, promotional flash drives are a great way to make your impression count. They are a convenient and inexpensive way to give your client something they will want to use and keep handy. They can also be printed with your company logo to help convey the message that you want them to remember your brand.

These are remarkable gifts for anyone who needs something small but valuable. When you are gifting someone with your brand identity, the chances of them losing that gift is a hundred to one shot.

Let us consider the significance of gifting customized USB sticks to your clients.

Why use Custom USB Drives to gift your clients?

Keep your clients connected with unique USB sticks by creating a custom gift from your company or organization. You can design memorable USB promotional flash drives that your business can use to push out great marketing messages.

Gifting your employees’ names on them will impact the receiver, making them feel special. Let them know you value their efforts!! And yes, they are affordable too.

Top 6 Custom USB Gift Ideas for Clients

Custom-printed flash drive gift ideas are trending and the next evolutionary step in promotional products. With so many options available, you can meet all needs, from easy-to-attach keychains for storing away in a bag, and personalized pens, to individualized wooden devices, recognized as top-of-line gifts to reward your clients.

Let us look at some creative and innovative ways of Custom USB Gift Ideas which you can gift your clients. Here are some of them:

Personalized Pen:

Any professional will never say no to a Pen. How about gifting your client with one end acting as a pen and the other as a flash drive to store information. It is pocket-friendly as well as convenient
to use. Besides just a pen, it can also be a pointer for PPT presentations.

Leather USB:

If you’re looking for something a little more appealing than some of the other options, consider customizing USBs in the form of leather drives. This is especially helpful if you want to give your client a feeling of richness and boldness.

USB Bands:

Out of all the wristband ideas, the USB band is the new trend. You can gift a personalized USB band that one can wear on their wrist as a sign of fashion and a tool for valuable information to carry. This is a great idea to gift the youngsters who always are exploring new things in the market.

Wooden Engravings:

If you are bored of metal and plastic drives, how about switching to wooden USB drives where you can personalize your logos or messages. Using wooden material is also a way of adding natural and sustainable touch to your gift. Go eco-friendly with customized wooden promotional flash drives.

Card USBs:

These have a larger print surface area to print graphics. Card USB is the only gift where you can load the necessary information. If you want to go the extra mile, you could gift your employees with pre-loaded software. They are also impressive for carrying files like music, applications, or eBooks.

Key USBs:

These printed USB keys are a fun way to make your logo stand out, and they’re much more durable than a standard flash drive. They’re also great for giving gifts at conferences and trade shows when you want something that can last longer than just one use.

If these choices seem exciting, find the perfect printed USB sticks in UK to gift your employees, clients, and volunteers using our large selection of custom USB flash drives at USB Company.
These are some of the few options for personalized flash drive gift ideas mentioned above. We still have a lot more.

Your Preferred Gifting Choice – USB Company

Whether a freelancer or a business owner, USB Company will provide you with the best custom USB gift ideas for your customers. We will help you choose from hundreds of combinations of personalized USB promotional flash drives to help promote your business.

These gifts are designed to work perfectly with the personality and needs of our customers. We specialize in offering printed USB sticks that can be customized to individual preferences with brand logos, messages, color options, etc., which gets you excited about creating a unique gift!