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  October 25, 2013

Saving a Website URL Onto Branded USB Flash Drive

web key usb drive for website address storageAt different sales conferences, shows or exhibitions, every company wishes to get the maximum value from their promotional items. If you choose the branded USB flash drive as your giveaway, besides imprinting your company logo or brand on them, you should also consider to preload important digital data. Along with the promotional information, offering the branded USB flash drive is an easy and very cost effective way to allow your clients to know more about you products, services, pricing and other promotional items.

The memory capacities of the USB flash drives come in a great variety, but that is what makes these devices more or less expensive. Any memory size your branded USB flash drive will have you should make use it, as any file that can be stored and viewed on a computer can also be used from a memory stick. But be sure to use the most popular digital file formats for materials so people can access them with ease. Typically, preloaded digital data comes in PDF formats, PowerPoint presentations and other Office files or different types of video and audio formats.

Now, there are two courses of action.

You can actually lock your promotional materials on your branded USB flash drive, so the data can be viewed, but not erased by the user, leaving the rest of the available space to be used by the people who received the giveaway. But be aware of the fact that if you put too much data on your promotional item and the remaining space is quite low, the customer will most likely dump your promotional item before it reaches its maximum efficiency, because its use will be quite limited.

Or, you can leave your promotional data unprotected, thus allowing your client to make full use of you branded USB flash drive, if he or she wishes to do so.

Preloading data

Another aspect to take into consideration is that preloading data during the production of the branded USB flash drive is less costly. But if the manufacturer cannot provide this service, most suppliers found on the market will be more than happy to help you in this matter, as they can offer a postproduction data loading service. Of course, this will cost you a little bit more.

data preload on usb stickAny way you put it, the branded USB flash drive is a great tool in advertising, even if you preload data on it or not. But there is a ‘middle’ way, to satisfy your company and your customers’ needs, regarding the promotional data. With this ‘middle’ way, your company sends its important messages and the customer can make full use of their gift. Simply put a link to your website in the promotional memory drive. The process of doing this cannot be easier. Just connect the branded USB flash drive to your computer and wait for the pop-up window to see what is on it. Then, just drag and drop the bookmark of your website from the browser onto the flash drive. You should be able to see the link stored into the memory drive, that when clicked will direct you to your web site or any other promotional page.

There are many ways to give a plus value to your promotional items, just make sure to use the right ones for you and your company.

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