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  April 21, 2008

Promotional USB Exhibition China


This week the USB Company sourcing team has been busy trawling the busiest gifts fairs in the world making sure we can offer the best quality usb promotional products at a competitive price.

The Global sources and the Canton fair is held every April in Hong Kong and China and is where International buyers meet with worldwide suppliers to make the best deals and see the latest product news.

This year we saw fewer of the smaller factories from Mainland China and we see a trend that there are fewer but bigger factories. There is still hundreds of suppliers and we believe this is a good thing as we can get more consistency. The small suppliers which often only was nothing more than a shed with an assembly line, often flooded the market with cheap sub quality products.

We had several good meetings with our suppliers and we are happy to see them improve on their quality control procedures and flash memory buying, meaning they can continue to offer us competitive prices and the best quality.

We will also be adding a few new promotional usb products in the coming months which we believe should further strengthen our product line and be of interest to our clients.

We also noticed a slight increase in the price for 1GB flash drives as the demand was rising during the Exhibitions but we believe the prices will stabilise shortly.

Ok that is all for now we are off for another supplier meeting and then we need a well deserved foot massage after all this walking:)