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  October 15, 2008

Premium Advertising Space on Your Client’s Desk for Sale!


Have a look at your desk. There are three things I can guarantee you have there.

1)A mouse mat.

2)A mouse.

3)A pen.

While we don’t do mouse mats here at USB Company, we do both USB mice and USB Pens.

Think about it. Who doesn’t have a mouse or a pen on their desk? And yet so many people will have a few cheap BIC pens, or perhaps even a cheap pen with a logo on it. If they have a premium looking “business” pen though, it’s almost certainly made by one of the big makes. What a waste of premium advertising space! Not to mention the fact that if they have a USB Stick in their pen, they are sure to use it. That means your catalogue will always be quite literally at their fingertips!

And as for the mouse, how many of you have anything but “Dell”, “Logitec” or “Microsoft” plastered across your mouse. How many of your customers have the same problem? A lot of them will spend upwards of 90% of their day at their desk, with the mouse sitting in their peripheral vision. That’s a great place for your logo to be sitting, constantly reminding them to buy your products.

So, why not put your logo onto some of the best advertising real estate in existence, your customer’s desks?