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  April 21, 2014

Portable wind turbine for charging USB devices


If you travel a lot, portable chargers are very useful, even necessary. Everyone loves to have their USB devices charged on the go, without the need of having an electrical outlet available. Just hook up you smartphone, laptop or GPS, put it in your bag and go.

But the problem appears when you need to charge your … charger. You have to remember to plug it in when you arrive home and if you forget, well, it becomes just an expensive paperweight.

Trinity turbine

So this is when Trinity comes into picture. This is portable wind turbine with a 15 Watts generator, which is able to charge any USB device. After you finished the charging, you simply fold together its 11 inch aluminum legs, the turbine blades close automatically and it’s ready for storage. Folded, Trinity becomes a 1 foot aluminum cylinder.

On the other hand, this device might not be for you if you hate carrying relatively large packages. Plus, it weights around four pounds. But, if you care about our environment and go green, this is a sustainable way to charge your USB devices on the go.

With its power output of 15,000 mAh, Skajaquoda, the manufacturer, states that is enough to completely charge your smartphone up to six times. Of course, to accomplish this, you will need wind, otherwise, well, as you can imagine, it does nothing.

Some examples on how to use the charger, given by its producer, are the beach, a campsite, a patio or a balcony, a boat, a music festival, a park and many more. These are all very good ideas, but with its retail price of $399 USD, you have to be extra careful not to lose it or have it stolen.

Unfortunately, Trinity is not expected to hit the market until 2015, if all goes according to plan. But until then, we should praise Skjaquoda for their solid concept, which in the future may be more refined.