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  June 6, 2014

One socket to charge them all


We always need just one more socket for our gadgets. And to solve this problem, the Midlands-based company Group Gear came up with a simple, yet ingenious solution. We’re referring to their new power plate that features two UK 3-pin sockets plus two built-in USB ports.

This is a £20 device that fits any backbox up to 25 mm in depth and it can be fitted by simply unscrewing the existing socket and replacing it with the new Group Gear plate.

Needless to say that, today, all the gadgets from smartphone to tablets and digital cameras feature a USB or a micro-USB cable that can be either plugged into a host computer or connects to a 3-pin plug. Even proprietary connectors, like Apple’s Lighting, is connected to a USB plug or port. And this plate allows you to charge up to four of these devices at the same time. So, if you own a smartphone, a digital music player, a digital camera and a tablet, you can charge them all in the same time and in the same wall plate, without worrying about running out of USB ports or sockets.

Also, the socket has built-in protection. The USB ports are limited to 2 Amps, so only the required power is sent to the connected gadgets and in the case that the current is exceeding this, the protection trips off, ensuring the safety of your devices. Also, its 3-pin sockets have a 13A 250V AC output and the plate has a working temperature of -20 to 80 Celsius degrees.

As Group Gear stated, this is a revolutionary solution for USB charging, as the two USB ports will help you free your UK mains sockets for use with your other appliances. The swapping is easy and you’re ready for fast USB charging.

If you want to know more about the British Group Gear’s products and solutions, check their web page here. Also, you can find more info about their new power plate here.