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  March 16, 2015

One Single Cable Featuring Swappable Connectors


Travelling for both business and pleasure purposes almost always involves carrying with you an impressive amount of electronic gadgets, each one of them with its own cables that you also need to bring along. However, a new Kickstarter project promises to have come up with the solution to replace them all — audio, video, and power — with one single multi-headed cord able to handle any type of connection that the wireless type has not managed to replace yet.

What makes TOB different?

It is true that universal cables that feature swappable connectors are far from being a new concept. And the truth is that there are numerous smartphone chargers that are extremely easy to convert from Lightning to micro USB or the old dock connector produced by Apple.  All you have to do is swap in a new head and you are ready to go. However, what makes TOB completely different is the fact that it should be able to successfully transfer power, data, and audio.

This innovative nylon-wrapped cable is made of a mix of copper wires that surround an optical fibre core. However, the exact way in which these wires are laid out represent the secret ingredient of TOB’s ability to handle all these different tasks. In order to simplify the use of the cable, the creators of TOB state that it is precisely its round design the one which enables the connectors to be practically attached in any direction. What’s more, they do not even need to be lined up perfectly to work. The way in which the TOB can be converted into an HDMI cable — a cable which features 19 pins that have to be aligned perfectly to work— still remains a mystery.

The good news is that the TOB cable has easily reached the $20,000 funding goal on Kickstarter. The device is claiming more functionality options than all the other so-called ‘premium’ cables, and five-foot versions can be pre-ordered for $65. The delivery can be expected in early July. Lightning, regular USB, micro-USB, mini-USB, audio, HDMI micro, as well as standard HDMI connectors are included.

Just keep present that its creators are promising an advanced functionality, which includes a quick-release feature that is very similar to the MagSafe power connectors produced by Apple. So maybe holding off from donating until we actually see a little bit more than a simple promotional video announcing all the theoretically amazing capabilities of this device might not be a bad idea. However, if the device does work as its creators promised, the idea of having to carry with you one single cable each time you leave your house – regardless of the amount of gadgets you are carrying in your luggage – is simply fantastic.