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  January 29, 2014

New Study Highlights Benefits of Branded USB Drives

promotional usb flash drive

In our today society almost all major business are using some form of branded product for adverting or marketing purposes. In the U.S.A alone, this is a $19.4 billion dollar industry. Promotional products have become the most cost effective way for business to market their brands, products or services and this is based just by measuring the advertisers’ cost-pre-impression. But not every branded product is offering the same benefits and the same level of effectiveness. A recent study was performed by an industry authority, a study that was researched and evaluated the actual effectiveness of a large variety of branded products. As you can imagine, due to our technological environment, there is a strong movement toward the tech products.

The study we have stated was performed by Advertising Speciality Institute. This is one of the largest marketing and media organisations and an authority on promotional products. This study revealed a lot of interesting facts related to the impact of branded giveaways in our today’s society, showing a focus shift from the traditional promotional merchandise to technological gadgets.

Among the ASI’s findings, we can enumerate the following conclusions:

1. Branded USB drives are one of the most popular choices for businesses that look for promotional impact over a long period of time. Actually, the study showed that most of the consumers prefer these promotional items and own them more likely than other ones, like pens, office supplies, caps or shirts.

2.  90% of respondents stated that their branded USB flash drive are useful and will hold onto them. As usefulness, branded USB memory drives outranked every other promotional merchandise, from which we can mention bags, caps, calendars, pens, pencils, other office supplies and health and safety supplies.

3. USB flash drives were ranked ahead calendars, drinkware, pens and office supplies when it comes to the more favourable impression of an advertiser

4. 39% of the recipients are more likely to do business with a company that uses branded USB flash drives as giveaways. So when it comes to generating more business, the USB flash drives outperformed many other promotional items

Unlike other promotional products that offer limited benefits, branded USB flash drives have long term usefulness, very attractive to consumers. USB memory drives don’t run out of ink or time like pens and calendars, remain relevant for longer than mugs or refrigerator magnets, which are tending to blend into the background after a short while.

Small companies do not afford to spend their marketing budgets on products that fail to impact the audience and because the trend is moving to more technological products, the branded USB flash drives are the perfect marketing and advertising solution. A solution that can attract more business and make your investment worthwhile.

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