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  November 11, 2009

Mouse mats offer comfort and protection

Mousemat Wrist Support
In a world filled with laser mice and trackball devices, it may appear that the mouse mat’s days are numbered. But this simply isn’t the case. Mouse mats continue to make sense as a promotional item for two very important reasons: comfort and protection.
One of the great things about a mouse mat is that it provides a nice cushion on an otherwise hard surface – your desk. The padding lets you rest the ball of your hand comfortably as you jockey the mouse’s buttons to move your cursor around the screen. Without it, that hard surface can become very uncomfortable, very quickly.
Promotional mouse mats also serve another important role these days. They can protect the finish on the desk or other surface you’re working on. This is particularly important if you work in a home office, as home furnishings aren’t quite as indestructible as commercial grade furniture. Nothing is more frustrating than getting a small piece of dirt under your mouse and have it etch a permanent memory into your lovely wood desktop. Even the plastic used to make a laser mouse can leave a very lasting impression on your expensive home office furniture or lovely dining room table.

Since they continue to be so useful, both at home or the office, mouse mats make a really good gift item. If you’re looking for a smart choice for a promotional item, what’s better than having your logo or message constantly in view at the recipient’s place of work? For 8 or more hours a day, your message is constantly working for you, reminding prospects, customers and clients that you’re here to meet their needs.

If you’re looking for a promotional mouse mat for today’s input devices, you want to think about the thickness and the skid-resistant qualities of the item. These qualities are important. First, a mouse mat that is too thick won’t allow the ball of your hand to move with the mouse or to lift and stretch to reach a button on a trackball. Like the proverbial story of The Three Bears, a mouse mat that is too thin may save you a few pennies, but it won’t provide support and comfort for the recipient. When shopping for a mouse mat to give away as a promotional item, you want one that is “just right.”

If you want to help the recipient avoid repetitive strain, you may want to opt for a soft mat with a built-in wrist support. The end of the mouse mat is thicker than the section where the mouse goes. This thicker padding helps prevent repetitive strain injuries, which will be greatly appreciated by the recipient.
While we’re talking about quality of the mouse mat, here’s one more helpful hint. Don’t get one that has a textured top surface. These were great in the days of rolling mice, but the newest generation of laser mice don’t perform as well on them. The mouse should roll smoothly across and not bind. The tracking with a laser mouse is much more precise on a smooth surface.
The reverse is true for the underside of the mouse mat. You want the bottom to stay where it’s put on the desk or table. Nothing’s worse than having a mouse mat that moves around as easily as the mouse that’s on top of it. A good non-skid backing will do just fine.

If you’re looking for a fun mouse mat, consider one of the aqua mouse mats out on the market. These mouse mats have liquids inside of them that change the look of the mouse mat constantly. You can even add glitter or small metallic shapes if you’d like.

One thing you can count on. Mouse mats are here to stay. They are a great promotional item that your prospects, customers and clients will use in the most innovative ways while your branding message stays in front of them throughout the workday.