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  June 1, 2015

Modern Promotional USB Memory Drives


The concept of promotional merchandise as an advertising and marketing strategy is not a new concept. However, after many years of gifting away personal organisers, promotional pens, or umbrellas, businesses – and above all their clients – are ready for novelties.

And this is where we can start talking about promotional USB memory drives. During the past few years, large organisations and corporations have discovered that these tiny memory sticks can become an amazing marketing tool. Nowadays, small and mid-sized businesses are also benefiting from the incredible potential of these devices and give them away to both existing and prospective customers.

Below you can find 3 reasons why promotional USB memory sticks have slowly turned into fantastic marketing tools and how they can guarantee the best possible return on your investment.


Promotional memory sticks are an incredible advertisement for any Business

USB memory drives are important and valuable pieces of hardware in today’s business environment. They can be used to securely swap and transfer large pieces of information easily and quickly between different people. Your business affiliates, employees, and clients use their drives in similar ways and, more than likely, just as often. Just take a minute to think about the cumulative marketing effect of these drives being gifted out to your clients, as well as the potential ongoing effect. The cases of your promotional drives can be easily printed in up to 5 colours, thus allowing an efficient website promotion and company branding. What’s more, the cases can come in varied shapes and be-spoke designs.

Just keep in mind that if you wish to maximize the benefits for your business, you should opt for a memory drive supplier who not only makes use of quality materials, but who also provides quality customization options. This way, you will be able to come up with a design that impeccably reflects and encapsulates your marketing messages.


Promotional USB sticks have a valuable factor

There is no doubt that traditional items such as notepads or pens have been overused to such an extent that they now make little to no impact on the recipients. Just stop and think for a moment about your personal experience when being gifted such items.

For example, can you remember the last time you actually felt excited about being gifted a free pen by a company? Did you feel the desire to know more about the products and services they were advertising? Guess not.

We are living in the age of information. Drives are nowadays one of the most practical promotional products to link to your company’s branding. We all need at least one of these devices and, by gifting them to your clients, you can make sure that your company’s name is always visible.


Promotional USB sticks are cost-effective

It may be true that promotional USB sticks may cost a little more than other usual promotional items (such as pens, for example). However, their overall value for your clients lies in their high usability. If you buy your promotional USB sticks in bulk, your company will manage to save a significant amount of money. And this is always a great idea, especially if you are trying to keep costs down.

If you want to find out more about promotional USB memory drives and custom USB sticks, do not hesitate to have a look at our webpage or contact our team of experts.