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  July 3, 2014

Looking Good in Leather – Personalised USB sticks


Leather was always a sign of elegance and class, and if you want your personalised USB flash drives to distinguish themselves from all the plastic devices on the market, we strongly recommend you to think about leather USB sticks. Everybody likes receiving a promotional product or giveaway that looks professional. If you work in the corporate or design environment, it’s really important to let your customers and partners know that your company is attentive to details, and that’s exactly the message a leather USB drive sends.

Lately, the market seems dominated by plastic, silicone or metal USB flash drives, but for those how want something different, leather can be a great choice. The leather USB sticks are usually finished with a touch of metal details, that give them a sense of luxury and hardness.  A leather USB flash drive may be a little bit more expensive then a standard, plastic one, but the elegance and style is worth the price. All the leather USB sticks are incredibly robust, stylish and warm to the touch, perfect to promote a stylish, high-end business.

If your brand is a luxury item manufacturer, or if you create leather products, these USB flash drives are the perfect way to say “thank you” to your customers, employees or partners. Also, if you are organising promotional giveaways, the leather USB drives are a perfect gift. They can be perfect tools to promote a business conference, since they will deliver the right level of sophistication and elegance to your audience.

The leather USB flash drives

The leather USB flash drives can be either embossed or laser engraved, but embossing seems to be the most popular option at the time. Laser engraving can last longer, but it’s not that popular because the brand is not so visible using this technique.  here are more elegant and stylish leather flash drives available on the market and you can choose the one that suits your business. If you choose to order a leather USB drive, don’t forget to preload your catalogue, brochure or any other promotional material, to take full advantage of the USB technology.

You can find a wide range of accessories for your leather USB stick, including presentation boxes that can also be custom printed. You can add key rings and lanyards to the USB sticks, to make them easier to wear or use for your clients or partners.