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  December 12, 2013

Iron Square Metal Usb Flash Drive – Sturdy and Elegant

Iron Square USB memory stick

The Iron Square Metal USB memory stick is one of the most popular designs on the market that has been inspired by the “Clip ‘n Easy” Model, a successful cap-less USB drive design that had been introduced in the USB market a while ago. The square USB stick has fused the ease-of-use of the “Clip ‘n Easy” model and the robustness of the metal body. These 2 features helped the Iron Square USB stick to maintain the quality standards required and yet to keep the awesome design and the look and feel of the USB gadget intact. There are some features that help to distinguish the Iron Square USB memory from the other personalised USB drives. These have been listed below.

Data Protection

The hard metal body case ensures that your important data is protected well form external factors that could damage it. This feature combined with the data retention capacity of the Iron Square makes this memory stick a very popular and useful tool among the IT professionals and not only which prefer to use USB memory sticks as portable data stores.


The hard casing and sturdiness of the Iron Square USB, is not the only feature that this leader of innovative USB flash drives has. The personalization and appearance is as well a major feature and a good reason why people are attracted to this USB flash drive so much. By having the steel embodied look along with the innovative steel case that could be opened to reveal the actual USB memory stick has become one of the most popular memory drives.


Iron Square flash driveThe Iron Square with its looks and solid architecture is an indispensable device to behold for corporates or for small businesses. Companies often use this product as an promotional gift for clients, partners or employees to enhance their brand image and an increase their awareness among the potential consumer base. Also, many corporate organizations, schools or small businesses use laser engraved logos on both sides of this USB memory stick. This advantage allows companies to increase their chances of converting prospective clients and keep the already existing ones through a marketing campaign based on this promotional gift.


You can very well judge for yourselves the major advantages that the Iron Square USB memory stick has to offer. With its robust qualities of a solid metal USB flash drive and the elegant metal design of a fashion accessory, the Iron Square is created to produce one of the most innovative technological marvels in the promotional USB drive industry.