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  July 31, 2009

Increasing event revenue with USB flash drive memories


If you’re an event organiser, chances are good that your hard work has paid off with a seminar, meeting, reunion, wedding or trade show that attendees will remember for a long time.
As you know these events offer everyone a great time to connect or reconnect, make new friends, find new customers, network and cement relationships that may last years, if not a lifetime.

To make these memories last, think about using USB flash drives, not only as a type of digital scrapbook, but as a chance to further your branding as an event organiser or sponsor.
Here’s how to do it. As the event unfolds, capture all the key moments digitally. This can include photos, video, music, keynote presentations or even digital versions of printed materials, such as menus, invitations, speeches or workbooks.

Once the event is finished, combine all these materials into an edited form of the event. You can create slideshows, music videos, create links to websites for additional resources or allow recipients to print out documents or photos.
When it’s completed, have the files preloaded onto a promotional USB flash drive. If you don’t know how to do this, ask the company handling your flash drive order. They will help you put your brand to work for you, not only by adding your logo to the outside of the drive case, but pre loading the files onto each drive.

Now you have something that you can either give away or sell to recipients. The latter is a smart idea, since you cover the cost of the drive plus a mark-up that will help you generate additional revenue. It is a great value-added souvenir that not only lets the recipient re-experience the event itself, but also can be used over and over again to backup or store digital files at work or home.

This keeps your brand front and centre as the USB flash drive owner uses your keepsake in their everyday life. And, it’s not only a lasting reminder of the event, but of your organisation.